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Mins | Minsiey

  • Jasmin F.
  • Canada

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Jasmin F., also known as "Minsiey," or "Mins," is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player from Canada. She plays for DanTumWiFi, mains Ness in SSBU, and often teams up with smashers like QuickplayKnight!

Mins competed in ssbu singles at Radiant Saga #19: Reborn, 3rd at PMX Series Vol.1, ($50) Sundried 2020, bunker down (1), GOML North American Open: West Canada, Smash Bros Summer-Time Tournaments, The Box: Juice Box #2, Canada Cup Gaming $200 Minor Tournament, Kookus and the Money Machine, and Collision Online. She has also been disqualified from tourneys such as ULTIMO TORNEO EPICO.

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