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  • Patrick Lam
  • USA

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Patrick "Matau32" Lam is a fighting games player based in the United States who is known to compete in titles such as Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11, Soul Calibur VI, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Granblue Fantasy: Versus, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Under Night In-Birth, Dead or Alive 5, and Guilty Gear Strive.

Patrick has also participated in a number of LAN and online tournaments such as CT Gamercon 4 Game Underground Tournaments, EVO 2021 Online - North America, The Big Levo 2, Singularity, ARCREVO America Online 2019 & 2020 - West, LVL UP EXPO 2020, Undefeated 2018 & 2019, CEOtaku 2019, EVO 2018 & 2019, Combo Beaker 2019, NorCal Regionals 2019, CenCal Standoff 2019, Anime Ascension 2019, Frosty Faustings XI 2019, SoCal Regionals 2018, ShineCon 2018, AnimEVO 2018, and Norcal Regionals 2018.

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