Lt. Surge

  • Sergio S.
  • USA

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Sergio S. "Lt. Surge" is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Wii U player from America. He is a member of Brotherhood and is sponsored by UCI eSports.

Lt. Surge mains Ryu in both games but uses several characters as his ssbu secondaries including Wolf, Marth, and Jigglypuff which shows his versatility.

He has competed at numerous tournaments like Block'd In where he ranked 9th and 2GG: SoCal Chronicles where he ranked 33rd in singles and 4th in doubles with Dragneel as his partner. He is also widely known for Wi-Fi tournies.

At DreamHack Anaheim 2020, Lt. Surge ranked 13th in ssbu singles after being defeated by Larry Lurr and KiraFlax.

Check out his Twitch channel here!