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Lord__Kashsus is a Mortal Kombat competitor from Cheektowaga, New YorkUSA. Their main in MK11 is Jax. They are also known to play Mortal Kombat XL.

Lord__Kashsus made their competitive debut at Rumble in the Tundra 6 in 2016 (MKXL), where they took 13th place. In the following years, they played at such notable events as: 

  • 2016: Kombat Cup Week #1, Kombat Cup Week #2, Konquest #2 (17th place).
  • 2017: TFGT- The Fighting Game Tournament @ GameOn.
  • 2020: Champions of the Realms PS4 NA
  • 2021:Battle of the Kings, Champions of the Realms II PS4 NA, GFuel Energy Games: MK11, Defend the Realm 5: Battle for Earth - MK 11 Online Tournament, Legacy of the Loyalists, Winter Clash 2021, Defenders of Earthrealm, and others. 
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