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Kicking Machine

  • Hakan Dogan
  • fastPay Wildcats
  • Republic of Turkey

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Hakan "Kicking Machine" Dogan is a professional Tekken player from Turkey who mains Hwoarang and represents fastpay Wildcats.

Kicking Machine has also competed in tournaments with notable results such as EVO 2021 ONLINE Tekken 7 - Europe West (33rd place), ICFC TEKKEN EU, Red Bull Gaming Sphere London: Online FINALS, Turkish e-Sports federation Tekken 7 tournament (1st place), Tekken Mastery Tournament S3 16 (1st place), Tekken Mastery Tournament Season 2 All (1st place), Tekken Mastery Tournament Season 2 (2nd place), TTC Dojo 2 tournament (1st place), Tekken 7 (PS4) EVO 2021 Online Warm Up - Open Qualifier #1 Europe West (3rd place), Power to Strive 2021 (5th place), Vigilant Fight Club Vol.3 One must Fall (9th place), Stand up be strong Tournament (5th place), Upside Tekken Online, and BERLIN TEKKEN CLASH 2019.

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