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"jasepi", formerly known as "magma mixer murata", "Bobby Boucher", and "guillotine gorilla" is a fighting games competitor from the USA. Their key discipline is Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st]. jasepi also plays Nitroplus BlasterzGuilty Gear Xrd Revelations, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Dragon Ball FighterZ, where they main Kid BuuCell, and Super Saiyan Vegito, and other fighting games.

jasepi made their competitive debut at CEOtaku 2016, where they took the 2nd place in NB. They have since played a variety of fighting games, including DBFZ, NBGGXRDBBTAG, and UNIST, making notable appearances to such events as: 

• 2017: Anime Ascension 2017 (4th place in UNIST), AnimEVO 2017 (the 2nd in NB), Summer Jam XI (9th in GGXRD), CEOtaku 2017 (9th in UNIST), Rumble in the Tundra 7, NEC 18

• 2018: Frosty Faustings X 2018, FINAL ROUND 2018 (33rd in DBFZ), Michigan Masters 2018 (the 2nd in UNIST), CEO 2018 Fighting Game Championships (the 2nd in UNIST), AnimEVO 2018 (13th in UNIST), Evo 2018 (193rd in DBFZ), CEOtaku 2018 (17th in BBTAG), Youmacon Battle Opera 2018 (the 1st in UNIST).

• 2019: Frosty Faustings XI 2019 (17th place), COMBO BREAKER 2019 (65th in DBFZ, 17th in UNIST), CEO 2019 Fighting Game Championships (33rd in UNIST, 49th in DBFZ), Evo 2019 (65th in UNIST, 97th in DBFZ), CEOtaku 2019

• 2020: Neutral Ground Online, Frosty Faustings XII 2020.

• 2021: WNF2020 Online Edition, Norcal Dogfight June 2021, and others. 

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