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  • David Higashi
  • USA

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David "Higashi" Higashi is a content creator, editor, streamer, and fighting games player from Hayward, California, United States. Higashi is also a host for the Ronin Rumble podcast.

He competed in Ronin Rumble, Genesis 4, EVO 2017-2019, Norcal Regionals 2018-2019, Capcom Pro Tour Online 2019-2020, Wednesday Night Fights, and many other smaller tournaments. He regularly achieved good results, in particular with local WNF and Ronin Rumble tournaments as well as finalist placement in Red Bull Conquest.

Higashi gravitates towards playing grappler characters and getting into his opponent's face to dish out a lot of damage.

You can catch up with Higashi on Twitter or Facebook, watch his streams on Twitch, or watch a variety of edited content on Youtube.


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