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  • Connor F.
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Connor F., otherwise known as "GasMaskCon," is a fighting game player and variety streamer from the United Kingdom who represents Rize Gaming. He specializes in Mortal Kombat 11 with Erron Black as main and Tekken 7 with Lucky Chloe as main with Kunimitsu as Secondary.

GasMaskCon debuted as part of the challenger team at Belong Arena Clash Tekken. He co-captained the Champion Team at Belong Arena Clash MK11 alongside OhHeyGamer (Hovis 12) for all 3 seasons, making the playoffs in Season 3.

He competed and finished 6th at Belongs Arena Rivals, 4th in the playoffs, and 13th in Belong Online Cups (Tekken). At the SWFGC run Ready to Fight @Kong's, he won 3rd place in MK11 and 6th place in Tekken singles.

GasMaskCon also placed 97th in MK 11 & 257th T7 singles at VSFighting 2019 and 25th at Escaping Workforce's Weekly Online Tournament Circuit but was disqualified from matches at 2019 Mortal Kombat Pro Kompetition Online Cup - Europe and Interkontinental Kombat EU West.

At Lockdown Throwdown 2, GasMaskCon placed 49th in MK 11 singles with a 33% set win rate after being defeated in matches against JoshTQ and Spyware_exe.

Find GasMaskCon on Twitch or YouTube and keep up with DashFight to learn of his future exploits!

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