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  • Nunya
  • USA

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Nunya ''Gambit'', previously known as ''Toastforprez'', is an American Brawlhalla player from Maryland for GladePro.

In 1v1 Gambit competed and finished 2nd in The Online Olympus II, 4th in Waifu Wars: Charity Event, 5th in Moose Wars, The Frost Trials and Summer Meltdown, 7th in [NA] 1v1 ImPerium Bearded Brawls #28 and PXL x Galaxy Cup, 9th in Spicy's Holiday Tournament, 17th in Friday Night Brawlhalla Tournament (NA) and Mirage's Super Cool Tournament.

In 2v2 Gambit finished 2nd in LuiSalGaming Tournaments For Brawlhalla, 3rd in Galaxy Cup #10, 7th in Moose Wars, The Frost Trials, 9th in Atlantis 2v2 Tournament ($600), 17th in 2v2 NA Brawlhalla & Chill Tournament and North America - Brawlhalla World Championship 2021.

Also Gambit took part in such tournaments as GladePro Bearded Brawls, North America - Autumn Championship 2021, North America - Summer Championship 2021, North America - Winter Championship 2021, Beehive Battle - Brought to you by Team MegaVolx, Brawl League Love & War 2021 NA and Dire Brawlhalla 1v1 Tournament.

You can follow Gambit on Twitter and Twitch.