• Christopher Cunningham
  • USA

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Playing : 6+



Christopher "FuLLBLeeD" Cunningham is an American fighting games player who competes in titles such as Guilty Gear -Strive-, Street Fighter V, Skullgirls 2nd Encore, Killer Instinct, and Street Fighter III: Third Strike.

FuLLBLeeD has also participated in tournaments such as Frosty Faustings XIV 2022, CEO 2021 Fighting Game Championships, One More Once! 2021, Skullgalz Showdown SGCS, EVO 2021 ONLINE - North America, DreamHack Beyond: FGC, Frosty Faustings XIII 2021 - Online, Cruz Clash Arena, and Ronin Rumble: Skullgirls Edition.