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  • Xavier Bariuan
  • USA

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Xavier "FRANK LOTION" Bariuan is a fighting games competitor from Jacksonville, Florida, USA. His key disciplines are Dragon Ball FighterZ and Street Fighter V, where he mains Adult Gohan and Dhalsim, respectively. Bariuan is also known to main King in Tekken 7, that he plays occasionally, and to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The earliest available records of FRANK LOTION's competitive career refer to CEO 2016 (SFV), where he took the 65th place. Two years later, Bariuan made another notable visit to CEO 2018, and took 49th place in DBFZ. This competitive appearance of his was sponsored by GLHF game bar in Jacksonville, to which FRANK LOTION expressed deep gratitude in a short featurette

Bariuan's made other appearances to such events as: 

• 2016: First Attack 2016 (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - 9th place; SFV).

• 2017: GoTE 4TheKids 2017 (SFVUMvC3 - 7th place), CEO 2017 (SFVUMvC).

• 2018: Revival XIII (4th place), GatorLAN Spring 2018 (DBFZ - 9th place; SFV - 5th place), Revival XV - Prelude to CEO (3rd place), Summer Jam 12 (DBFZ - 17th place), CEOtaku 2018 (DBFZ - 33rd place). 

• 2019: Juicy Monthly - February 16, 2019! (DBFZ), COMBO BREAKER 2019 (DBFZ), Beach Mash (SFVT7DBFZ), CEO 2019 (DBFZ), CFL Smackdown Ultimate 5 (210) (SSBU). 

• 2020: CEO 2020

• 2021: Hip Hop Fight Nights (Guilty Gear: Strive - the 1st place), and others.