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  • Doyle Marichal
  • Dominican Republic

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Doyle "Elyod" Marichal is a Tekken player from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. They're a Katarina main and utilize a largely defensive playstyle. Elyod is very good at controlling the spacing and using it to both punish whiffs and stop the opponent's offence. Then when the opponent is conditioned to be more careful, Elyod is capable of using the info they got during the set to launch a strong offence of their own.

They competed in Tekken World Tour 2018 Online, Fighting Fest 2018, Chousen 2018, Game Over 2019, Blink Fighting Fest 2019, The End of Days V and VII, Winter Clash 2021, and Online Spring Series.

You can find Elyod on Youtube and Twitch.

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