EightGrade (Eight)

  • Giovanni Arteaga
  • Mexico

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Giovanni Arteaga, also known as "Eight" or "Eightgrade," is a competitive fighting game player, anime fan, and content creator from Mexico.

Ranked 11th on the SFV Mexico Rankings for online tournaments and 47th on Mexico's Capcom Fighters Network Ranking, Eight co-mains Akuma and Zeku in Street Fighter V and is a regular at The Ziegge

Eightgrade competed and ranked 4th at Mexcombat & Thunderstruck 2018, 33rd at First Attack 2019, 97th at SoCal Regionals 2019, and 257th at Combo Breaker 2019.

At Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Online Central America 1, Eight ranked 17th with a 67% set win rate after losing two matches against -Starlight-.

Check out Eight's Twitch channel where he also streams games like Genshin Impact and shares his anime favourites.