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Draven (US)

  • Donnovan Bynum
  • USA

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Donnovan Bynum "Draven" is a competitive gamer from the United States. He plays Master Raven in Tekken 7 and is a regular at events like Senpai's Weekly Tekken 7 Tuesdays and Space City Beatdown.

He has also competed and placed 13th at Texas Showdown 2019, 17th at Kumite in Texas 2019, 25th at Red Bull Conquest - Houston Qualifier, 49th at Final Round 2019, and 97th at EVO 2018.

Draven ranked 49th at Bud Light Beer League Tekken West 2 after being disqualified from matches against TheOneAsian in Winners Round 1 and Benzo in Losers Round 1.

Check out Draven's Twitter here.

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