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"Dozen" is a competitive Super Smash Bros player and streamer from the United States. He is a regular at DNA.exe: Ultimate Season, Flamewave Neo, and Smash Online Series.

He competed in ssbu singles at tournaments such as EVO 2019, Pound 2019, Glitch 7 - Minus World, The Quarantine Series Minor Tournament 1, and Ultimate Naifu Wars: Sandy Road to CEO 2019.

Dozen ranked 358th at Glitch 8 - Missingno with a 50% set win rate after losing matches against Jaaahsh and Potatoe. He also ranked 33rd in Strike Squad.

Check out Dozen's Twitch channel where he also streams games like Super Mario Bros. 35, Fortnite, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD, and Crash Bandicoot 4.

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