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  • Guillermo de Agustin
  • Spain

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Guillermo ''DIRDAMO'' de Agustin is a fighting game player from Madrid, Spain.
Guillermo is a member of MadridFGC with the main in Street Fighter V is Dhalsim.
DIRDAMO took the 1st place out of 143 in BCN Ranking Battles - Street Fighter V Champion Edition - Fight 2. The 5st place in Fighty Online Tournaments and CyberMalleira VI: Street Fighter V. The 7th place out of 79 in 1er TORNEO SFV SALA 33 and 9th place out of 109 in BARCELONA BATTLES ONLINE #4 - STREET FIGHTER V CHAMPION EDITION.
Also Guillermo took part in Juernes de Lucha #10 - Street Fighter V Champion Edition and Benalmadena Fighters - Powered by Ayuntamiento de Benalmadena.

You can follow DIRDAMO on Twitter, Instagram or Twitch.

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