• Jose Gonzalez
  • USA

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Jose ''Cysteen'' Gonzalez is an American fighting games player from Round Rock, Texas.

As a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player with Inkling as main Cysteen competed and finished 5th in Ikkicon and 7th in Texas Showdown 2022. Also Cysteen took part in such tournaments as Super Smash Tournament at The Esports Cave 12/10. Bracket starts at 7:30pmLow Tide City 2021The Cosmic KerfuffleYoung & Rooted 1kNightlife 14TGL: Austin 32Set CountCityscape 42Smashing Legends #143Frostbite 2019 and Last Stock: US Arcadian by #HighPercent.

You can follow Cysteen on Twitch.