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CreeperConstable is a Super Smash Bros player from Ireland who has competed in tournaments such as:
  • 2021: As1 Arena - Oct 16 (5th), Ireland's Big Smashup: New Year New Fights (1st), Leeds Legends (5th), Rebellion Returns (1st), Regen Online (7th), The Smash Ireland Crew Kerfuffle 2 (2nd), The Training Arc (1st).
  • 2020: ARMS of Smash: Trick Shot (9th), Bubzzz WiFi Tourney #3 (17th), Controllers For Change (1st), JWT x ECLIPSE: Joe Goes to Space, Rev It Up: 2020 Series WiFi Major (49th), Robbie's Rumble Invitational (7th), Steal the Show #3: Into The Distortion (13th), The Quarantine Series - EU Edition (65th), ZENITH ONLINE (2nd).
  • 2019: Halloween Havoc 2019 (13th), Impact 7 (17th), Smash Core Server Tournament #2 Rebooted (1st).