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  • Dominic Nguyen
  • Canada

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Dominic "ChaosBreakerNguyen is a fighting games competitor from Guelph, OntarioCanada. Their key discipline is Super Smash Bros. Melee, where they main Falco, although, they are known to play Street Fighter V.

ChaosBreaker's career in competitive Smash began at Summit 2016 (SSBM). They have since played Melee in the following years, taking part in such notable events as: 

  • 2017: UWaterloo Melee #2, UWaterloo Melee #4
  • 2018: Get On My Level 2018 - Canadian Smash Championships, The Big House 8.
  • 2019: The Night Before GOML, Get On My Level 2019 Canadian Fighting Game Championships, The Resurrection.
  • 2020: Float, Get On My Line 2020 - GOML Online Fundraiser.
  • 2021: Galint Melee Open, Uncle Sam's Maple Syrup #7, Domenic's Doubles Tournament, Uncle Sam's Maple Syrup #12, Frostfire 2021 (SFVSSBM), Friday Night Melee 7/16/2021, and others.  
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