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  • Cameron Noyer
  • New Zealand

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Cameron "CamzaceNoyer is a fighting games athlete from AucklandNew Zealand. His key discipline is Street Fighter V, where he mains Menat. He is also known to play Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear: Strive and other fighting games. 

Camzace is a well-known player in the competitive scene of New Zealand, featuring in the Salt Shakers podcast. Noyer has also been ranked as #4th best player in New Zealand since 2019, according to Braacket.com.

Camzace made his competitive debut at SXU2017 (SFV), where he took 17th place. In the following years, he played at such notable events as: 

• 2018: Battle Arena Melbourne 10 (T7, SFV); BKB FGC League Tournaments Season 1 Week of 12/11/2018 (SFV).

• 2019: Auckland Ranbats 2019 Round 3 (SFV); Auckland Ranbats 2019 Round 5 (the 2nd in SFV); BAM11 Battle Arena Melbourne 11 (SFVMK11); 

• 2020: NZ Ranbats Online Series 6 (the 1st place); Southern Cross Up 2020 (the 3rd in SFV, the 1st in Granble Fantasy: Versus); 

• 2021: Auckland Ranbats 2021 Restart 2: SFV GOLD (the 1st place); Crush Counter Capital 2021 (the 2nd in SFV), and others.