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  • Stewart Bury-Jones
  • Canada

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Stewart "Arkb0tBury-Jones is a fighting games competitor from CalgaryAlberta, Canada. His key disciplines are Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where they main Inkling. Apart from that, Arkb0t is known to play Super Smash Bros. Melee and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Arkb0t's career in competitive Smash began at Get On My Level 2016 @ Good Game Con ft. Hbox, PewFat, Mr.R, ANTi & more! in 2016 (SSBWU). They played SSBWU and SSBM in the following years, taking part in such notable events as: 

• 2016: Otafest Assault IV, Salt Mines 2016 (9th in singles), Little Smash on the Prairie, The Bridge 2

• 2017: The Fifth Angle ft. Bladewise, Locus, Salt Flats 2017, For Glory 3: The Guardians of the Prairies, Otafest Assault 2017, Salt Mines 2017, SMSH 207

• 2018: On Tilt 3: Defensive ZSS (the 3rd place), Salt Flats 2018, Touchdown 2018, FALL BRAWL 2018.

Since late 2019, Arkb0t has been playing SSBU. He competed in it at such events as:

• 2019: For Glory: SmUsh vs. Ultimate, Randall City 2 Ft. Captain Faceroll, Nicko, VORTEX, Salt Mines 2019.

• 2020: Smash at The Comic Strip: Punching Up, Genesis 7

• 2021: SKL: Prairie Pummel, Salt Flats 2020, Salt Flats 2021 Presented by Telus

Bury-Jones played DBFZ at such events as Salt Flats 2021 Presented by Telus and West Canada DBFZ Weekly #54-56.