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ZeroZero Nation Parts Ways With Phenom, Veggey

Femi Famutimi
2 min

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Zero Zero Nation Parts Ways With Phenom, Veggey
The SFL Europe Champions say goodbye to two of their best

00Nation (ZeroZero Nation), a lifestyle brand around casual and competitive gaming have announced the departure of two of their biggest stars in Phenom and Veggey signalling the end of their operations within Street Fighter and probably fighting games in general. 

The esports outfit made the announcement on social media also stating that it was hanging up its gloves for Street Fighter. They wished the players the best as they look towards other ventures. 

Phenom and Veggey also made statements on their personal social media accounts thanking the organization for the time spent together and looking forward to what is to come next. It is the first time that Phenom, who took 9th place in the recent Capcom Cup tournament, has been without an organization for about a decade. 

Both Phenom and Veggey were part of the winning team that took Street Fighter League Europe with ZeroZero Nation and have competed in various major tournaments with the Norwegian outfit. 

ZeroZero Nation was acquired by Nordavind in 2021 with the player roster becoming a part of the newly set up org. Phenom had been a part of the fighting game roster for Nordavind for almost a decade and has since then won numerous tournaments. 

This departure is another in what has been a steady decline in many organizations and their involvement in the fighting game scene and in esports in general. Outfits like CLG, and Panda are examples of big organizations that have either declined or moved on. 

It is expected that Phenom and Veggey will find a new home soon. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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