What DF Happened Last Week? Jan 14 - Jan 27

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What Df Happened Last Week? Jan 14 - Jan 27
Everything you need to know about the last week in the FGC

The year 2023 is up and running, with a lot of notable stuff happening all around the fighting game community. DashFight is here to cover everything worth your attention from recent days briefly.

Rollback for Xrd REV 2 and Crossplay for -STRIVE-

On January 20, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 received a long-awaited rollback netcode update for the PC version of the game, finally allowing thousands of players to experience proper netplay. 

A couple of days later, Arc System Works announced dates for the open cross-platform beta for Guilty Gear -STRIVE-. It will take place on February 3-6 and will be available on every modern platform except Nintendo Switch. The beta will feature 22 characters available to play, plus most of the game modes from the full game. 

Combo Breaker 2023

Combo Breaker dropped a trailer for the upcoming installment of the renowned event, which is set to take place on May 26-28, 2023, in Schaumburg, Illinois, and will feature 29 official fighting game tournaments. 

MultiVersus Lunar New Year and Patch

On January 17, the Lunar New Year event started in MultiVersus, offering new themed unlockable cosmetics for players' profiles and certain characters. A patch has been dropped alongside it, featuring many general and character-specific balance changes. Be sure to check the full patch notes here.

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising and a fresh patch

Now is a good time to be a Granblue Fantasy Versus enjoyer since Arc System Works announced Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising - a drastically improved version of the game to be released in 2023, which, according to the trailer, will feature enhanced visuals, new mechanics, new stages, new characters, new story, rollback netcode, crossplay, and a Fall Guys game mode for lobby avatars. Check out the trailer down below.

Source: Cygames EN

Meanwhile, Granblue Fantasy Verus received a fresh update 2.85, which will be the last major update for this version of the game and features new music, several rank match/profile changes, bug fixes, and character adjustments. 

Source: 【GBVS】グランブルーファンタジー ヴァーサス公式チャンネル

Brawlhalla Esports Year Eight

Blue Mammoth Games officially announced the Esports Year 8 for Brawlhalla, which will feature a 1,000,000$ prize pool, familiar regional events, four seasonal invitationals, and three LAN events throughout the year. 

Ludwig and Moist Esports

Ludwig Ahgren, a renowned content creator and Smash community contributor, is now a co-owner of Moist Esports. MoistCr1TiKaL, aka Penguin0, shared the news that Ludwig's media company, Mogul Moves, would be buying into Moist Esports.

Capcom Cup on PC

A couple of days ago, Capcom announced on their Twitter that the upcoming Capcom Cup IX, including the Last Chance Qualifier, will be played on PC with 144hz displays. This is a huge step up from the technical limitations of PS4, which used to be the primary platform for all Street Fighter V tournaments. 

SamSho rollback beta

SNK has announced the date for the open beta of the rollback netcode for the Steam version of Samurai Shodown. It will be available on February 10-17 for everyone who owns the game on Valve's digital platform. 

KOFXV patch

Patch Ver.1.63 was released today for The King of Fighters XV, featuring multiple bug fixes and character adjustments. You can read through the full patch notes here

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