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Weekly Mod Highlights Volume 3

4 min

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Weekly Mod Highlights Volume 3
To check out and download the mods, click the titles highlighted in red

Tekken 7

The Ultimate Elden Ring Modpack

For this week of Tekken mods is entirely dedicated to one modpack that got everyone's attention and even forced Katsuhiro Harada to respond after too many people thought that they were looking at an official collaboration.

This modpack made by Ultraboy offers 8 new presets for 8 differents characters:

  • Lidia - Melina
  • Kunimitsu - Malenia
  • Hiehachi - Lobster
  • Gigas - Iron Fist Alexander
  • Lee - Prisoner class
  • Marduk - Radahn
  • Kazuya - Raging Wolf Armor
  • Kazumi - Ranni the Witch

The quality of these mods truly is staggering. From a purely visual perspective, they don't lack in detail, look great in motion, and when it comes to Kazumi, even her pet is replaced with a new model.

However, it's also remarkable how well the Elden Ring NPCs are matched with Tekken characters. Gigas's animalistic power and crude swings are a good fit for a living pot warrior. Many players have fallen prey to Malenia's barrage of sword strikes, so it's highly appropriate to give this preset to Kunimitsu. Meanwhile, Ranni the Witch outfit is given to the only character in Tekken who can summon a pet tiger out of thin air.

You might wonder why Heihachi is a lobster, then? Uh... let's move on.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Sundowner Leo

Following up last week's Raiden mod for Ky, this week we got a mod from ImmaFailure101 for Leo that turns him into Sundowner from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. 

This replacement mod is similarly not lacking in detail and has nice little touches like replacing Leo's 6P, parry, and projectile with Sundowner's shield.


Ky has been recieving a generous amount of mods lately and this Shulk replacement from JtheDuelist is the latest addition.

The author has done an incredibly thorough job. The mod comes with an entirely new model and Shulk's slick Monado sword. Not only that, but JtheDuelist also included special effect changes, custom colors based on the Xenoblade games, and painted a unique character portrait to fit with the Strive's art style. Safe to say, this should be a treat for any Shulk and Xenoblade fans out there.

GBFV Seofon Outfit for Testament

Despite Testament having just recently released, we've already got a bunch of mods worth looking at.

Monkeygigabuster blessed us with a sick outfit for Testament that gives them Seofon's armor from Granblue Fantasy: Versus. The outfit supports alternative colors and allows us to take a peek at Testament without their new hat.

Hats, many hats

Two different modders had a similar idea and played around with Testament's snazzy top hat.

GoldenPrism15 went right for the heart of video game hats, Team Fortress 2. Towering Pillar of Hats replaces Testaments singular (just one!) hat with a TF2 item of the same name.

WistfulHopes, who you might remember from Sin Kiske and Goku mods, chose the other approach. Instead of replacing Testament's headwear, they buffed the existing one! This ridiculously tall hat exudes enormous amounts of power, make sure to wear it responsibly. 

Original Thunderseal

Lastly, I want to highlight this small but charming mod that gives Ky his classic Thunderseal sword that he used in the original Guilty Gear. This design was slightly altered in Xrd and then redesigned again in Strive with a more minimalistic shape.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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