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Weekly Mod Highlights V.21 (Mortal Kombat 1, SC6)

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Weekly Mod Highlights V.21 (Mortal Kombat 1, SC6)
The most interesting mods for the most popular fighting games

We at DashFight love the creative energy of the fighting games community and sincerely enjoy many mods created within our favorite genre.

In this regular series, we highlight some of the many awesome mods. Here is Volume 21.

Mortal Kombat 1 Mods

Spider-Man Miles Morales Tracksuit

MK1 sure is a hype game. So, why not combine it with another hit, Spider-Man? This mod adds a tracksuit of Miles Morales for Raiden.

Lilith Diablo 4

Queen of the Succubi is the face of Diablo IV, and her appearance fits well into the aesthetic of MK1. The mod adds Lilith to the roster.

Ela (Rainbow Six Siege) over Stryker Kameo

This may feel like a pretty unusual combination, but a shooting game character could be a great kameo fighter. Ela from Rainbow Six Siege replaces Stryker, one of the most popular kameos in the current build.

Sub Zero from MK Deception

This character has been changing significantly throughout the Mortal Kombat series. There are even different personalities behind the name Sub-Zero. Naturally, the game installments introduce a good variety of costumes and appearances. This mod adds Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat Deception to the MK1 roster.

MK3 Kung Lao

It’s another blast from the past in this selection of MK1 mods. Replace modern Kung Lao with the same character but from Mortal Kombat 3. That game is widely considered the best from the classic era and one of the best in the whole series. Can this appearance help you win more matches?

Street Fighter 5 Poison Story Costume Mod

Poison is a great character, and she was main for some of the best Street Fighter V players. Would you like to bring her to Soulcalibur? Do it with this mod!

Check out our Mod Highlights V.20 for other cross-game projects (UNIclr characters in Guilty Gear Strive).

We will keep the series going on DashFight, so stay tuned to our platform for new volumes of our Weekly Mod Highlights.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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