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The Top 5 Stages In Tekken 8

Femi Famutimi
5 min

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The Top 5 Stages In Tekken 8
Where are the best locations in Tekken 8 to throw hands?

When you think of fighting games, how often do you consider the stages? It’s true that the first things that come to mind are the characters, music, and gameplay, but stages play a big role in fighting games and their appeal. Who can forget the incredible Ryu stage from Street Fighter II or May’s ship from Guilty Gear

Tekken has its fair share of awesome stages over the years and with Tekken 8 now out there and doing so well, there are a bunch of awesome stages there too. 

In this article, we’ll go over five of our favorites and what makes them so awesome to fight in. 

Ortiz Farm

This is a new stage that was introduced along with new character, Azucena. The Peruvian coffee heiress has her stage right there on her family’s farm. The stage is exquisite and has everything a great stage should have; many areas, bright colors, and fascinating onlookers. It is, so far, the only stage that has alpacas on it, and seeing how cute those animals are, elevate the stage quite a bit. 

But, that’s not all as there are other areas which could be accessed via a balcony break and a floor break. In the former, the fighters will land in an Incan ruin with weathered stones and more alpacas. In the case of the latter, the fighters land in a temple with glowing skulls giving it a more mystical feel. 

Ortiz farm is a delight to fight in, and is easily one of the best stages in the game. 

Descent Into Subconscious

This awesome stage takes place in Jin Kazama’s mind and we get a peek into what the game’s antihero’s mind looks like. The stage has three levels with the first in something that looks like a forest and it has been compared to Hell's Gate from Tekken 5. 

The second level is a throne room and if you trigger another hard floor break, it takes you down to the third and final level of the stage which is a desert and the only infinite map in the entire game. What makes this stage so cool is the contrast between levels while still keeping the stage’s creepy aesthetic. 

The atmosphere of the stage, the hanging lanterns, the broken statues, all culminate to make for a thrilling experience. Also, the fact that it is someone’s mind just makes it all the more incredible. 

Fallen Destiny

There is a sense of gravity when fighting on the Fallen Destiny stage that makes it a shoe-in for one of the best stages in Tekken 8. 

Fallen Destiny is the stage where you fight the final boss, Devil Kazuya and it is the site of a crater caused by a comet. The background features fierce storms whipping the sea into a frenzy and you can often see hapless ships suffering in the waves. 

The stage features no extra levels, and is typically considered one of the smaller stages in the game, but the… destiny pulsing through the map is palpable and it gives the player the feeling of witnessing something momentous. 


The remote island is the home of the Kazama clan which include Jun and Jin Kazama. It was the place of Jin’s childhood and features all the things you would want in  one’s home base. 

Sure it has no hazards, neither does it really have any edges, but the aesthetics of the stage are off the charts. The stage features incredibly huge trees and a shrine entrance in the middle of the largest tree. There are also some deer running around while you fight and a stage where you duke it out in shallow water is always going to be awesome. 

Yakushima is visually stunning and the brightness of the stage with its tinges of darkness seem to mirror Jun and Jin, characters closely linked to it like, and who also have shades of light and dark in them. 

Urban Square

The best stage in Tekken is Urban Square. Now this might be considered a strange choice, but there is something about taking the fight to the streets of the iconic New York Times Square that is just appealing. 

There are two cycles in this stage as you can fight during the day or night with the latter being the preferred option as it really makes the square come alive. The lights, buildings, and personalities all around it make it such a great stage. 

It also features some references including one for Bob’s Burgers which could either be in reference to Bob from the Tekken franchise, or the American sitcom with the same name. 

Tekken 8 is chock-full of great stages and it is so hard to pick a favorite. It is certainly hoped that they release even cooler stages  as the game’s lifespan continues. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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