The Big House Online Melee has been Cancelled

Sebastian Quintanilla
2 min
The Big House Online Melee has been Cancelled
Images courtesy of Nintendo / The Big House
Legal battles are never pretty. Even less so with thousands of players rising up in arms.

The Big House, a historical tournament organizer group for Super Smash Bros Melee announced today that they are canceling their latest online event. Allegedly Nintendo has sent a Cease and Desist letter to the organization calling for the cancellation of the event.

In their Announcement, The Big House asserts that Nintendo has sent a C&D letter to them explicitly asking them to cancel the event based on the use of a third party software modification. Slippi. This software solution allows people to play Melee online in a smoother and roll back based netcode environment.

Fizzi, the major developer of Slippi has released a statement on Twitter regarding the cancelation of the event. In it, he expresses disappointment with how Nintendo is handling the situation. At the same time Robin Harn. The host of The Big House and an admin at MeleeOnMe. Also wrote a longer statement commenting on the C&D.

Polygon has released what is said to be a Nintendo statement on this event. Though Nintendo themselves have not published any statements on their social media as of yet. According to that steatement, the organizares at The Big House were first asked to cancel the tournament, with the Cease and desesit letter being a last resort by nintendo to put down the event. In that same statement, it is noted taht the use of slippi is the reason for the cancelling of the tournament.

And on that Topic. Fans of Melee and the Super Smash Brothers franchise, in general, have taken to the Twitter Hashtag "#freemelee" to express their dissatisfaction with Nintendo's handling of this situation.

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