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Thaiger Uppercut 2022 Results

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Thaiger Uppercut 2022 Results
TGU 2022 marks the great return of the high level Thailand event

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, Thaiger Uppercut is finally back and in full force, with high level players travelling from around the globe. While every title saw their share of of intense battles, this event was an especially notable highlight for the Tekken scene due to TGU 2022 being a part of the Tekken World Tour circuit.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

DBFZ didn't see as many international competitors as other games, with top 8 being dominated by players from Thailand. The exceptions were Uchiha_FZ from Pakistan and Xanxus from Philippines. These two were similar in more ways than one.

While Uchiha_FZ was smoothly cruising through the winners bracket without dropping a single match, Xanxus was battling through the losers bracket all the way to Grand Finals. However, it all ended in a clean 3-0 for Uchiha_FZ.

The final top 8 is:

  1. Uchiha_FZ
  2. Xanxus
  3. FGO
  4. Ezstealx
  5. AxeWooD
  6. D4Z
  7. BALLxZa
  8. doraemonfanboyya

Guilty Gear -Strive-

The final bracket of Strive had some big names like K-Brad, Infiltration, and surprisingly, Book. Unfortunately, the latter was eliminated in the losers side of top 8. Meanwhile, K-Brad had a breakout performance, making it to Grand Final and coming close to beating Infiltration in an intense 3-2 set.

The final top 8 is:

  1. Infiltration
  2. K-Brad
  3. Zalphx
  4. BALLxZA
  5. Gyanbu
  6. Zeidge
  7. Book
  8. starz

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 served as a massive highlight of the Thaiger Uppercut, and it might just be the beginning for another incredible player for Pakistan. When Arslan Ash founded Ashes Gaming team, one of his goals was to sponsor great players from the local scene, allowing them to compete internationally. Dawood is one of those players, and god, what a crazy debut for his first international tournament!

To say Dawood was dominant is to say nothing at all. On his way to the finals the Alisa specialist confidently dispatched CHANEL, and went on to beat Knee with a smooth 2-0, how crazy is that? Especially with how invincible Knee looked in recent tournaments. When facing Book in the winners final, he once again won with a clean 3-0 and would rematch with Knee in the Grand Final. In a much closer fight, Knee was just one round away from resetting the bracket, but Dawood couldn't be stopped!

The final top 8 is:

  1. Dawood Sikandar
  2. Knee
  3. Book
  4. Ulsan
  5. Uncle Ben
  6. ShinAkuma
  7. Juiestorm
  8. Lan

Street Fighter V

The SFV finals almost saw Tekken's Book make it all the way to Grand Final as he made it all the way to loser's semis of the top 8. Outside of that, MindRPG and Oil King were the high point of the tournament. Despite Oil King winning both sets, the two were quite evenly matched, going toe to toe all the way to the end.

The final top 8 is:

  1. Oil King
  2. MindRPG
  3. b3lLz
  4. Book
  5. God-Guan_DU
  6. Solemn_Swift
  7. toto_kosit
  8. Jinkouyuki

Other Games

The top 8's for other titles are as follows:

King of Fighters XV

  1. Tetsuga-Ar
  2. Psycho
  3. The_newZ
  4. dearydeary
  5. fubarduck
  6. Natsuki_tri
  7. Komphat
  8. shiranui26

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

  1. starz
  2. ToonSoSad
  3. MonoLight_X
  4. Just a Scrub
  5. Joridy
  6. Too
  7. Aming
  8. Minizsheep

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  1. J3ly
  2. ChetKie
  3. Foxtrout
  4. haa
  5. Yng Bddha
  6. Bubble Tea
  7. MehcaMEK
  8. Sgt0KrisT

DNF Duel

  1. Infiltration
  2. Just a Scrub
  3. Zeidge
  4. MindRPG
  5. Tetsuga-Ar
  6. HiFightTH
  7. Chanee92
  8. Gyanbu

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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