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Tekken Scene Needs More Twitch Rivals Events

Tekken Scene Needs More Twitch Rivals Events

Elizbar Ramazashvili
5 min

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We need fun events!

Tekken is massively popular, both on pro and local levels. From the thunderous roar of a crowd during the Evo finals match to the small Dojo-level events with only a dozen players, the Tekken scene is vibrant and fueled by dedicated players, organizers, and spectators alike. While major events like Evo and Tekken World Tour serve as its pillars, there are more options to utilize events to add more “for-fun” flavor to it – like recently finished Twitch Rivals.

For those unfamiliar, Twitch Rivals events are tournaments organized and broadcasted exclusively on Twitch, the premier platform for live streaming. These events gather players from various games, often with prize pools and production values rivaling traditional esports tournaments. While Twitch Rivals initially gained prominence in games like League of Legends and Fortnite, its potential impact on the FGC, particularly Tekken, should be explored further.

One of the most significant benefits of Twitch Rivals-style events for the FGC is their ability to showcase the matchups with the players you would otherwise not see. On of the more fun parts of the recently-finished Tekken 8-themed event was the participation of the FGC superstars that otherwise aren’t known for Tekken. Don’t tell me you never wanted to see SonicFox or Justin Wong play in a legit tournament environment. And while they could theoretically make it far in the regular events, they’re understandably not that good in what’s not their main game. However, it’s undeniable that the headline “SonicFox is Playing Tekken vs. Tekken Pros” is an attractive one.

Some may argue that the “Invitational” format of Twitch Rivals goes against the grassroots spirit of the FGC, they aren’t really completely serious either, serving more of an advertisement for the game and the players, helping spread the word while having the tournament be fun first and foremost.

Another aspect that makes Twitch Rivals events potentially exciting for the FGC is their potential to attract mainstream attention and sponsorship. With the backing of Twitch's massive platform and resources, these events can reach audiences far beyond the confines of the FGC or Tekken specifically. This increased exposure not only elevates the profiles of individual players but also brings greater visibility to the entire community. As sponsors take notice of the growing viewership and engagement surrounding these events, they may be more inclined to invest in the FGC, leading to increased support for players, tournaments, and content creators alike.

Twitch Rivals isn’t the only “for fun” event on the calendar, we have had two iterations of Red Bull Golden Letters, which had an exciting new rule that allowed the players to win by performing “Perfects” and “Greats.” Twitch Rivals can go even further, experimenting with different formats, rule sets, and production techniques. Organizers can push the boundaries of what constitutes a fighting game tournament. From unique team-based competitions to creative challenges and exhibitions, these events can provide a canvas for innovation, injecting much-needed fun into the scene. Organizers and players can continue to explore new possibilities, and the FGC as a whole can benefit from the wealth of creativity and talent within its ranks.

Beyond the competitive aspect, Twitch Rivals events also serve as a platform for community building and camaraderie within the FGC. Player interviews, behind-the-scenes content, or interactive viewer experiences, these events create opportunities for players and fans to connect on a deeper level. In an era where online interactions often dominate, Twitch Rivals events offer a space for face-to-face interaction and shared experiences, strengthening the bonds that unite the FGC.

Of course, like any endeavor, Twitch Rivals events are not without their challenges. From logistical hurdles to ensuring fair competition across different games and platforms, organizers face a myriad of obstacles in bringing these events to life. However, it is precisely through overcoming these challenges that the FGC and the Tekken scene can continue to evolve and thrive.

Twitch Rivals events hold immense potential to add value to the Tekken scene and FGC as a whole. By fostering cross-game collaboration, promoting inclusivity, attracting mainstream attention, driving innovation, and nurturing community spirit, these events can embody the core values that make the FGC truly special.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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