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Tekken 8 Premium Collector’s Edition Overview

Elizbar Ramazashvili
4 min

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Tekken 8 Premium Collector’s Edition Overview
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Collector’s Editions of video games have been a thing for many decades. They exist so the dedicated fans of the games are able to express their love by purchasing something bigger than regular editions. They give the developers more money, but what they get is sometimes priceless – items and memorabilia near and dear to their hearts.

Tekken 8’s Premium Collector’s Edition is a great example of this, and today, we want to write an overview of it.

Huge thanks to fortyseven communications for sending us this Premium Collector’s Edition.

We note that we received this item for free, but no one has asked to write any particular opinion on it. In fact, they didn’t ask us to write about it at all; everything that follows is our honest thoughts.

The first thing to note about the Tekken 8’s Collector’s Edition is that there are two versions of it – the regular edition and the Premium one. The latter is only sold exclusively at Bandai Namco’s own website, while the former can be purchased at any marketplace like Amazon.

The main difference between the two is the Jin statue. The Premium version contains that figure that’s “Electrified,” which means that it lights up via USB power. There are some further differences, but we’ll get there.

This Jin Kazama statue is obviously the main attraction of the collector’s edition. It’s 25 centimeters tall with its foundation. This platform has the number 8 displayed on the front, and in our edition, it has a Type-C USB port on the back for power. When connected to literally anything it can draw power from, the number lights up, along with Jin’s mighty wing that comes detached from him in the box. When lit up, it’s a very impressive sight, especially in the dark.

The build quality is also impeccable – the texture on Jin’s pants creates the illusion of being fabric, his skin has noticeable veins, and the wing is very sturdy, with the port connecting it to his back not visible at all.

With all this said I wish it was communicated better on various marketplaces that there are two distinct versions of the figure and that they can only get the “Electrified” version directly from Bandai Namco.

However, as a bonus, the regular collector’s edition contains something that the Premium one doesn’t – a couple of stickers for G Corporation and Mishima Zaibatsu and a metallic plate with Tekken 8’s logo.

When you open the package, the first thing you see is the game itself. For the PlayStation 5 and Xbox versions, it’s a regular disk in its case, but for the Steam version, it’s just cardboard with the game code printed on it. This makes the inclusion of the steelbox a bit anticlimactic for the PC version, as there is no disk to actually put inside. But the steelbook itself is incredibly gorgeous, and has this pattern that changes color depending on the angle you look at it.

An undoubtedly great inclusion, however, is the arcade coin. It’s solid metal, five centimeters in diameter, and pictures Arcade trophy on one side and Jin and Kazuya fighting on the other. It has smooth edges and a nice weight to it. Another great item is Leroy’s ring in a neat fabric bag. The ring is sizeless, as it has a cutout on the bottom, so you can adjust the fit somewhat. I’m not quite sure what metal it’s made of, but it’s nice and shiny, and has a “Tekken 8” laser engraving on the inside.

Last but not least, there are glossy cards of eight characters – Jin, Kazuya, Jun, Lars, Asuka, Xiaoyu, Nina, and Claudio. Info on them includes the fighting styles, Rage Art and Heat Smash names, and their aliases.

All in all, this Tekken 8 Premium Collector’s Edition is absolutely incredible. It’s quite pricey, but compared to what some other publishers offer in their collector’s editions, this one is very much worth it. The major thing I’d hope for is to offer better communication to the buyers about which offering includes what.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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