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Tekken 8 Devil Jin Character Guide: All You Need to Know

Tekken 8 Devil Jin Character Guide: All You Need to Know

Elizbar Ramazashvili
4 min

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Master the dark side of Jin Kazama

Devil Jin was already a force to be reckoned with in Tekken 7, but in Tekken 8, he's got even more punch to his game. He's a real beast, especially in this fast-paced, aggressive setting. His wavedash gives him tons of options, making it super tough to shut him down once he gets rolling. His relentless pressure, killer combo damage, and ability to turn the tide of a match are off the charts. But playing Devil Jin at his best requires serious skill and a good grasp of when to attack and when to defend.

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Key Moves

  • 1,1 – Offers excellent options post-string; follow up with sidestep or backdash while keeping pressure on your opponent. Only -1 on block. Despite being launch punishable, many players still opt to use 1,1,2 recklessly.

  • df1 – Not as potent as in Tekken 7, and the subsequent 2 is a high, but still an effective move. Ideal for closing out rounds.

  • d4 – A reliable low poking tool, but exercise caution as it's punishable by launch.

  • ff2 – A strong mid attack with decent tracking, serving as Devil Jin's Heat engager. Safe on block, so feel free to utilize it frequently.

  • b4 – A counter hit launcher that deals significant damage.

  • db2 – Grants +3 frames on hit but is -13 on block. Generally safe to use, but watch out for opponents capable of launching you, such as Kazuya.

  • ff4 – Another counter hit launcher. Mix it up with wavedash and occasionally incorporate b3 into the mix.

  • bf2,1 – Safe on block with excellent tracking, offering various extension options.

  • f~d,df2 – Devil Jin's electric. Impressive on block and serves as an incredible launcher. Always prioritize using it if you can execute it effectively.


Wavedashing is a must-know skill for Devil Jin players, especially for beginners who should spend time practicing it. From wavedash, you can unleash the Electric Wind God Fist (EWGF) and Devil Jin's notorious Hellsweep. These moves are crucial for Devil Jin, as they deal significant damage and shape his gameplay. However, be cautious as they can be punished if blocked, potentially costing you the game.

  • CD4 – This is Devil Jin's signature Hellsweep, a key part of his mix-up game.

  • CD4,4 – Prevents your opponent from regaining lost health.

  • CD1+2 – Catch opponents off guard who anticipate the follow-up 4 by using 1+2 instead.

  • CD3 – A powerful launcher, but keep in mind it can be sidestepped.


  • F3 – Mourning Crow stance.

  • MC1 – +8 on block, but can be sidestepped.

  • MC2,2 – a very unexpected heat engager with lots of damage.

  • MC3 – great to do after a string like 1,1,2, or b1,2 as it limits your opponent's defensive options.

Heat Moves

  • CD1+2 – becomes a launcher in Heat. 

  • uf3+4,1+2 – huge damage, can be used as a whiff-punisher. It’s -15, but the pushback makes it safe.

  • f~d,df2 – you don’t need to do perfect input for the electric in Heat, just do the crouchdash option and it comes out.


  • 1,1,2

  • b1,2

  • WS4,4

  • WS2


  • Electric, electric, 3,1, 1, b2,1 df3,2,4

  • WS2, dash, u1+2, 3,1 bf2,1,2

  • WS2, dash, u1+2, 3,1 2, Heat Burst, uf1 2,2 Heat Dash, fNd,df1, hold up

  • Hellsweep, dash, ws1,1, 4,2,1+2

  • u4, hold up, 1 b2,1, df3,2,4

  • ss2, u1+2, dash 3,1,2 dash u1+2 dash Heat Burst uf1 2,2 Heat Dash, fNd,df1, hold up

  • During Heat - fNd,df1+2 f3 4,2,1+2

  • During Heat ff2 Heat Dash electric 1 b2,1 df3,2,4

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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