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Tekken 8 Azucena Guide by Arslan Ash

Tekken 8 Azucena Guide by Arslan Ash

Elizbar Ramazashvili
3 min
Guide by Arslan Ash

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Tekken 8 has already established itself as a top game, and we love to collaborate with the pro players for the character guides. Today, our guest is the undisputed GOAT of Tekken 7, Arslan Ash, teaching us how to brew the best coffee as Azucena!


Azucena in Tekken 8 has a very fun-loving, cute personality. It’s still too early to judge her ultimate strength, but she’s quite powerful. Her style is quite unique, the closest comparison being Josie from Tekken 7, as she has similar moves, but her stances set her apart. You can utilize Azucena in both defensive and offensive ways, but she does naturally lean more towards the latter.

Best Buttons

Essential Moves

  • 3 – quite a good range, and her 3,2 string is amazing, and 3,3 is a guaranteed 14-frame punish. Can be canceled into a stance.

  • df1,4 – s good string that isn’t duckable. df1,2,1 allows starting a combo on counterhit. Can also be canceled into a stance.

  • WR 3,2 – great pressure tool that allows for good mixups. Lows, mids, even grabs.

  • 1,1 – unpunishable, as it’s -9 on block. Leaves you in her stance with lots of pressure to exert

Low Moves

  • db4 – her best low move. 19-frame move but it’s not reactable. However, it’s -14, so it’s kind of risky against Kazuya, Jin, or anyone else who can launch on that.

  • d4 – not very good, -13.

  • db3 – be careful while using this as she’s backturned and can be launched.

  • FC3 – can be used as a mixup into WS3, and then f1 to get a CH combo.


To enter her Libertador stance, you can use f3+4 input.

  • 1 – a 13-frame move. Has a 1,2 string, but also cancelable.

  • 1+2 – a great launcher.

  • 3 – a low with a string attached, 3,1.

  • 4 – same thing as above, with 4,1.

  • df4 – a great hellsweep.

You can change the timing of her moves to throw your opponent off by utilizing her bb and ff movements while in this stance.


  • 1,1 – her 10-frame punish that leads to her stance. Go for 1,2 instead if you can finish your opponent.

  • 4,1 – a 12-frame punish that leaves you in backturn. Can be followed by 1,2, or just 2, which can be mashed to transform it into a grab.

  • 3 – leaves you in a stance at +4.

  • 1+2 – gives you a combo on CH.

  • df1,4 – a 13-frame punish, can be mixed into a lot of things.

  • 3,3 – a guaranteed move, 34 damage and a knockdown.

  • df2 – your usual df2 launcher.


Azucena doesn’t do anything too crazy in Heat. Mainly used to connect and extend your combos, because no one’s gonna eat the moves the Heat mode gives her access to.


  • df2, d2,3, 4,1,2, fff3,2

  • df2, d2,3, 4,1,2, f2,1,3

  • df2, d2,3, 4,1,ff, df1,4, fff3,2

  • df4, 4,3, d2,3 1+2, any after tornado combo

  • df2, d2,3, 4,1. Heat Burst, df4,1 f4,4 db3+4


Azucena is fairly simple to execute yet quite strong character. She doesn’t have crazy stuff like other newcomers do, but her mixup game is strong, and her stance allows her to catch many opponents pressing buttons unwisely.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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