Tekken 7 charity tournament was held in the USA

Ilya Kravtsov
1 min
Tekken 7 charity tournament was held in the USA
Landon won

A charity event was held in the United States, combining assistance to children (children's hospitals) and the Tekken 7 hobby.

The tournament was attended by many talented players from New York, New Jersey, as well as players from the eastern and central time zones of North America.

Landon (Devil Jin) won the tournament. The second place went to KaizurTV (Lucky Chloe), Chenzho (King) came third to the finish line.

This whole event is put on in order to raise money CMN Hospitals, a fundraising organization focused on children's hospitals across North America. If you want to be part of the solution, you can donate here.

Tekken 7 — Fight For The Kids Results

1. Landon (Devil Jin)
2. KaizurTV (Lucky Chloe)
3. Chenzho (King)
4. Jam (Marduk)
5. Showmatic (Eliza, Zafina)
5. IceColdEdge (King)
7. Allocution (Jin)
7. MrSloth420 (Armor King)

Players raised $1,538 USD for charity.

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