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Super Smash Con SSBU Top 8 Results

Sebastian Quintanilla
2 min

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Super Smash Co SSBU Top 8 Results
Acola brings about another fantastic performance with Steve while Dabuz continues to work through the season with his quality Rosalina

Just outside of Washington DC came together one of the major Super Smash Bros Ultimate calendar events. Super Smash Con featured over 2500 players with multiple international appearances, including Miya, Acola, KEN, Shuton, Sisqui, among many others.

The top 8 action started with Dabuz taking a close series versus KEN's Sonic, while Acola's Steve achieved a very tight 3-2 victory over fellow Japanese player Neo. Over in lowers, Marss' run was cut short after Zomba dispatched the Zero-suit player with a clean 3-0, following it up with another 3-0, this time versus Neo. Meanwhile, Miya built an impressive run, picking up lower wins versus Shuton, Light, Tweek, DDee, and KEN to bring himself into the top 4.

The winner Finals saw Dabuz taking the first set, but Steve was strong enough to bring forth the upset giving Acola the winner side of grand finals. Over in lowers, Miya's miracle run continued with a 3-0 win over Zomba, and although the Game & Watch player would bring himself to a game five versus Dabuz, it fell on the side of the American player in the end. Sadly for many, Acola's dominance on Steve was proven true once more, as he quickly dispatched Dabuz 3-0, not losing more than one stock each time.

As it had in the past, Acola's victory has once again sparked talks of banning Steve from tournaments, and although those desires seemed to have been tempered during the summer, as Get On My Level and other majors didn't see once sided affairs to this level, there is still the matter of regional, national, and international rankings, many of which have closed their rating periods for now and thus potentially opened the door to banning Steve.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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