"Super Smash Café". Another themed gaming cafe opened in Canada

Ilya Kravtsov
Aug 21 20201 min
Now the Calgary Smash Bros. scene has a growing community of around 2000 members

In the city of Calgary, the local gaming community decided to open Super Smash Bros. Ultimate themed cafe - Super Smash Café. Now more and more city dwellers come here to spend time and relax playing Nintendo Switch instead of drinking alcohol somewhere in a bar. Here they drink tea and eat grilled cheese sandwiches during online battles.

Recently, the owner of the cafe decided to host Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments there. Now the Calgary Smash Bros. scene has a growing community of over 2000 members.

“I never knew how large the gaming scene was in Calgary, let alone even a Smash Bros. community. We never knew about a competitive scene until I opened this place up.”, - says Mohammed Chybli, the owner of this unique place. His inspiration to open a shop came after he was introduced to a new, competitive side of one of his favorite childhood games.


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