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Street Fighter Released M. Bison Character Guide

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Street Fighter Released M. Bison Character Guide
M stands for Modern

Bison is literally around the corner, ready to mix you seven ways to Sunday. To make things easier, Street Fighter just released quite a hefty M. Bison guide that explains how he works in exhaustive detail.

Fundamentally, Bison is still a character that has an oppressive presence in neutral thanks to his long rakes pokes and solid specials that play in controlling the space. However, he comes with some interesting changes and additions.

Most notably, the Psycho Mine. Certain special moves will implant the psycho energy mine into your opponents, somewhat similar to AKI's poison. It will either activate after some time, or you can activate it manually by hitting the opponent with some of Bison's special moves.

This comes with all the advantages that you might expect. On block, detonating the mine will grant you frame advantage, while on hit, it gives you more damage and potential combo extensions. To facilitate this, his new Backfist Combo special gives players a straightforward option to implant the mines.

The rest of his special moves remained largely the same. Psycho Crusher is an amazing tool against projectiles, Double Knee Press can go over certain attacks and serve as a potent poking tool if spaced properly. Capcom even suggests that you compare it to a spear and only use the tip to hit opponents.

The Head Press and Devil Reverse function slightly differently now, since you access them from Shadow Rise. Past that, you simply use either punch or kick buttons to access either of the moves.

Finally, his selection of supers seems very strong, though hardly over the top. Level 1 is your standard damage for combo. Level 2 is a jumping super that can punish projectiles from great distance, and finally his Level 3 is quite beefy. It can act as a reversal, but also works in combos and as a more damaging projectile punish, making it extremely versatile.

With the new Psycho Mine possibilities, Bison is looking like a potentially very technical character that will reward mastery of his unique toolset, while still being strong enough to have an accessible skill floor. Any characters who don't have the best anti-airs, or have reliance on projectiles, might struggle with him quite a bit.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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