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Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide Featuring JAK

Femi Famutimi
Updated: 9 min

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Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide Featuring JAK
Here you can learn all the tips, tricks, and nuances of one of Street Fighter 6's most popular characters

Juri was one of the most used characters in the recently concluded CEO tournament which was won by MenaRD and she is a character that is right up there with some of the best in the game. 

That said, she isn't the easiest to use which is a shame as her design means she has a lot of fans who want to make her their main character. Thankfully, we have one of the best users of the character, JAK, to take us through with a guide.

JAK was the winner of the last Street Fighter V major, Combo Breaker, and has been a top performer for a couple of years now. In this video, he goes over Juri's best combos, tips, and ways in which to get the best out of her.

Juri's Gameplan

Juri is one of those characters that is blessed with the ability to play in just about any way. She has a fireball, a dive kick, and several things that enable her to be both effective as a rushdown character or someone who is more cautious and only goes in with pokes. That said, it is perhaps best to use her as a neutral rushdown character. She has stuff that help her excel with this style including normals that she can cancel into Drive Rush. You can also Drive Rush behind her fireball to keep opponents locked in and incapable of getting out of the pressure. 

Juri guide by JAK

Juri's Best Buttons

Juri is one of the few characters with a lot of good buttons. Here, we'll look at some of the best ones:

  • st.MP - This is a great poking tool 
  • cr.MP - This is also a good poke button 
  • cr.MK - This also pokes and has good range meaning it can be thrown out and then confirmed
  • st.HP -  A decent button
  • f.HP - A great multi-hitting move, but be warned, it is a little slow

Juri's Pressure Options

With Juri, you will be looking to attack a lot, meaning you must be well-versed in the options available to pressure your opponent. We can look at some basic combos and options available to Juri when mounting pressure on the opponent or oki situations. 

  • cr.MP + Fuhajin
  • st.MP + cr.MP + Fuhajin

Typically, many of her buttons are great for oki, including her f.HP, cr.LP, or cr.MP. All of these force the opponent to fall on the defensive, giving you more impetus for victory. 

Juri also has a lot versatility when it comes to her attacks and is able to cause knockdowns which give her oki. Below, we have some strings you could do to knock the opponent over and get oki. Juri can perform these little combo strings and then mix-up the opponent with throws, or other things.

  • b.HK + Fuhajin + L.Tensenrin
  • f.HK + Go Ohsatsu

Another unique aspect of Juri's kit is that she has one of the few normals in the game that is +2 on block. This is different from many others who have +1 normals and Juri's situations means she is capable of pressuring the opponent a lot more. So, she can create a frame trap since the fastest normals are usually 4 frames and with a +2 advantage, she can abuse some of her other moves. 

Chaining Juri's lights is another great way to pressure your opponent. In Street Fighter 6, you can chain up to three lights together and then combo into something. This is great as lights are really fast buttons, and it also gives you time to react to a Drive Impact if that is what the opponent decides to wake up with. You can also chain two lights into Drive Rush and then perform another light. 

Juri's Specials


This is Juri's DP. It is something like a cartwheel kick which she has had since Street Fighter IV. It has a light, medium, and heavy version, with the light doing the least damage and the heavy doing the highest amount of damage. So, the light, while not damaging, does allow for oki set-ups and can be used as a safe option in combos to get guaranteed damage. The medium version is the go-to anti-air, and it will beat almost every jumping attack aimed at Juri. The heavy version can also be used as a DP, especially if the opponent is jumping in from a far range. Also, it advances really far, meaning that it can work as a combo ender, especially with combos that might push the opponent slightly out of range. With the heavy DP, you will still be able to clip and juggle them to finish up the combo in style. 


This is Juri's dive kick. The Shiku-sen is a normal dive kick that sees Juri unleashing a perpendicular flying kick after a jump while still in the air. The Shiren-sen, however, is activated when you press kick buttons after the Shiku-sen, at which point, Juri hits the opponent with several kicks, which throws them back. The Shiren-sen is really good as it does more damage, moves the opponent closer to the corner, and gives Juri oki. Shiren-sen has an EX version which does the same thing as the regular version, but, with the EX version, the first hit juggles meaning you can follow it up with a DP. Not only that, but the EX version also allows you to follow up with a DP at the end of the move, and you could even do a Drive Rush into a kick and then a DP which will guarantee more damage. On the down side, the move is VERY punishable on block. You can mitigate the risk by angling the kick in such a way that it hits the opponent much lower on their body. For instance, if they block your dive kick and it hits the upper body, it is -7, but if it hits the legs, it is -5. 

Fuhajin/Saihasho/Ankensatsu/Go Ohsatsu

This is her store/fireball move. The Fuhajin is a kick that also acts as a means to store up fireballs. So it can damage the opponent while also giving you a fireball. The Saihasho, Ankensatsu, and Go Ohsatsu are the follow-up moves when a Fuha is stored. The Saihasho is the light, the Ankensatsu the medium, and the Go Ohsatsu is the heavy follow-up. The relationship between all these is that the Fuhajin stores the fireball and also enhances it. So, if you were to do the Saihasho without the Fuhajin, it will come out, but it will not extend beyond Juri's body and it is negative on block meaning it isn't a very good move. But when the Saihasho is used after enhancing with the Fuhajin, then it advances and presents many different opportunities for Juri. The Fuhajin has a light, medium and heavy version. The light is fast, but doesn't do anything beyond hitting the opponent while the heavy version is 25 frames, which is slow, but on hit it causes a juggle. The medium version can also be comboed into which gives it some good advantage.

The follow-up moves can all be used without the Fuhajin, but they drastically lose power in that situation. When used with the Fuha, Saihasho becomes a fireball which is really useful for Juri

Juri's Defensive Options

Juri's defensive options are mostly the same as the rest of the cast. She has an invincible DP which she can unleash on wake-up. So if you are getting thrown by the opponent, this is an option. The others include Drive Impact, jumping out, and one which is unique to Juri, which is a j.MP which on hit can be followed up by Shiku-sen.

Juri's BnB Combos

Here are some of the simpler combos you could do with Juri:

  • st.MP + cr.MP + H.Tensenrin
  • st.MP + st.LK + H.Tensenrin
  • st.LP + st.LP + L.Fuhajin
  • st.MP + st.MP + M.Fuhajin
  • st.HP + H.Fuhajin + H.Tensenrin
  • cr.HP + Ankensatsu + st.MP + Fuhajin
  • st.HP + Ankensatsu + cr.MP + Tensenrin
  • j.HK + st.HP + Ankensatsu + st.MP + DR + st.MP + cr.HP + Fuhajin + H.Tensenrin
  • j.HK + st.HP + Ankensatsu + st.MP + DR + cr.HP + st.MP + cr.MP + DR + st.MP + cr.HK + Go Ohsatsu + Kaisen Dankai Raku (lv 3 super)
  • st.HP + EX.Ankensatsu + HK + st.MP + DR + cr.HP + st.MP + cr.MP + DR + cr.HP + st.MP + cr.MP + Go Ohsatsu + Ankensatsu + cr.MP + Go Ohsatsu + Kaisen Dankai Raku (lv 3 super)
  • DI + f.HP + Ankensatsu + cr.MP + Tensenrin
  • DI + cr.HP + Fuhajin + L.Tensenrin + Kaisen Dankai Raku
  • DI + st.HP + EX.Ankensatsu + st.HK + DR + st.HK + st.MP + cr.MP + DR + st.MP + cr.HP + Ankensatsu + Go Ohsatsu + Kaisen Dankai Raku
  • Perfect Parry + st.MP + st.HP + Fuhajin + Tensenrin
  • PP + st.HP + DR + st.MP + st.HP + Fuhajin + L.Tensenrin


Juri is a great character with a lot of upside and very little downside. Her store system could be perceived as a weakness, but only if you do not manage it or store irresponsibly. 

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