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Street Fighter 6: Don't Get Caught by the Level 20 Cap!

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Street Fighter 6: Don't Get Caught by the Level 20 Cap!

Street Fighter 6 recently changed how its fighting pass progression system works in the last patch, which may catch some players off guard.

Previously, you could level up the free fighting pass to level 30 before purchasing the premium pass. Doing this allowed you to immediately claim all the premium rewards after buying it.

However, Capcom stealthily added a level cap of 20 for the free fighting pass in the latest patch. When you hit level 20 on the free pass, your progress will halt at 9,999 kudos until you purchase the premium pass.

This means you can no longer wait until the end of the season to buy the premium pass and still get all the rewards. To maximize your earnings, you must purchase the premium pass much earlier.

The premium pass costs 250 fighting coins in the in-game shop. It includes exclusive premium rewards, costumes, titles, and enough coins to purchase the next season's pass.

Once you buy the premium pass, your level cap will be removed, and you can continue earning experience and rewards up to level 30. Any experience gained beforehand will not be retroactively rewarded, though.

So don't get caught off guard by this change introduced in the latest patch. If you find your progress suddenly halted at level 20, you'll know you need to purchase the premium pass ASAP to continue leveling up before the current season ends. Act quickly to get the most out of Street Fighter 6's fighting pass rewards.

VesperArcade: Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass Changes! Leveling Cap Without Premium

Players Frustrated with Fighting Pass Changes

From the comments in the above video by VesperArcade, several players complained that they were caught off guard after hitting the level 20 cap when previously they could progress to level 30 before buying premium. The stealthy implementation without transparency has angered some users.

Others argued this "bug fix" seems more like a ploy to push people to buy the pass sooner and spend more money than addressing an actual issue. Many want more rewarding content, like character costumes or colors added to the passes.

There is also dissatisfaction with the battle pass overall. Some players find them too grindy or lacking enough content to justify the price. Several users worry the slow drip of new content and unlocks could cause boredom over time if Capcom doesn't speed up releases.

The lack of communication and transparency around the change has led to frustration about the monetization decisions. Overall, the comments indicate players want Capcom to be more upfront and provide more rewarding, engaging content to retain interest in Street Fighter 6 long-term.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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