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Smash Ultimate: Mii Fighter Guide - Combo & Move List

Smash Ultimate: Mii Fighter Guide - Combo & Move List

Sebastian Quintanilla
5 min

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Mii Fighters in Smash: Everything you Need to Know, normals, specials, attributes and more.

Mii Fighters Basic Information

Carrying over from Super Smash Bros 4. the Mii fighters are three characters that allow players to customize not only their appearance and customers but also their moves sets. Although not the most well regarded in terms of fighting potential, these three fighters can be a pretty solid pick, especially if you dedicate enough time to learning the ins and outs of each of them and their moves.

Mii Gunner Overview

The Mii Gunner is a solid projectile-based fighter with many tools to open opponents to mix-ups and strong attacks. Thanks to their multiple options for moves, they are considered rather versatile and unpredictable. Unfortunately, they lack potential in closer distances seriously limits their usefulness in a competitive setting. One of their special attributes is that they have access to a wall jump. The Mii Gunner is the slowest and heaviest of the Mii Fighters. 

Competitivly speaking, they are not entirely viable. They have seen some success thanks to their camping and stage control tools, such as gunner missile and granade launcher, but after these were nerfed coming into Super Smash Bros Ultimate there haven't been to many players lining up to take top 8 finishes with the cahracter.

Mii Gunner Custom Moves

Neutral Specials Charge Blast A charge-up shot and one of Gunner's strongest attacks, a great KO tool. It can be canceled by jumping or using an air dodge.
Laser Blast Similar to Falco's blaster, good to rack up damage from a distance as it has a fast rate of fire and is does a flat amount of damage.
Grenade Launch An arching grenade throw that explodes after a short time or upon impact with an opponent.
Side Specials Flame Pillar A Pillar of fire that rises upwards after impacting a surface, it hits multiple times and is a great edge guarding tool.
Stealth Burst A small shot that travels in a straight line as long as the button is held. once released, it will create an massive explosion dealing a lot of damage.
Gunner Missle Tapping will send out multiple missiles. Holding will send out a homing one, and inputting like a Smash attack will fire a super missile. Each has different properties.
Up Specials Lunar Launch Gunner fires a flaming projectile downards, the recoil of which sends them up high. Any opponents next to the blast receive damage and are launched in the opposite direction.
Cannon Jump Kick A concussive blast that sends Gunner upwards while they kick up into the air. Not a great recovery, but a good offensive tool, particularly when getting out of shield.
Arm Rocket The most maneuverable of Gunner's attacks. The trajectory of this rising move can be changed with tilts. However, it deals no damage.
Down Specials Echo Reflector A reflector attack that will send projectile back at 1.5 times their original damage, very similar to Fox's reflector.
Bomb Drop A small bomb that will explode on contact, after around 2 seconds, or if another is places. Great for controlling space and absorbing projectile attacks.
Absorbing Vortex A glowing energy shield cover Gunner absorbing incoming projectile damage and healing them. Upon activation it will deal some damage to nearby enemies.

Mii Gunner Combos

The following are some simple combos to get started. These are all true, meaning that, if inputted correctly, they will always land (unless your opponent is sufficiently damaged).

  • Nair, Forward Smash.
  • Fair, Dash Attack
  • Fair, Down Smash
  • Fair, Forward Throw
  • Fair, Flame Pillar
  • Bair, Charge Blast
  • Bomb Drop (air), UPair
  • Bomb Drop (air), Bair
  • Flame Pillar (air), Up Smash
  • Down Throw, UPair
  • Charge Blast (max), fair, Charge Blast.

Mii Swordfighter Overview

If you hate sword-based fighters, then move on to Brawler now because this Mii is all about getting an edge of their opponents, get it, edge. In truth, they have great potential with mix-ups, and their special moves allow for different playstyles. Interestingly enough, they also have access to some solid projectiles to help bridge the gap between far and close combat, such as the Gale Strike and Chakram. Unfortunately, their slow mobility, short-range, relative to other sword characters, and poor recovery options leave much to be desired.

In competitive play, the fighter has seen some nice streaks over the years. Thanks to their improved aerials for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the character has made good use of their kill confirms to get vital stocks over opponents. But much of what this Mii fighter brings is also dished out by other, more complete, swordies, leaving the character to fill a gap that already has plenty of filling.

Mii Swordfighter Custom Moves

Neutral Specials Gale Strike Sends out a spinning tornado that deals decreasing damage. It is a powerful combo initiation tool.
Shuriken of Light A Light shuriken that travels over a long distance with increasing damage. A solid projectile for an otherwise close-ranged fighter.
Blurring Blade A charge attack, once loaded the Mii will stab multiple times and finish with an upward strike. A good KO attack.
Side Specials Airborne Assault Charges forward toward the enemy while somersaulting with their blade. Can't influence the air movement while the attack is active.
Gale Stab A charging attack that moves them forward dealing a good amount of damage. Charging the attack allows it to deal more damage and reach further.
Chakram Throws a Chakram that can be angled either up, down, or forwards. If inputted like a Smash attack it will fly faster, further, and hit harder.
Up Specials Stone Scabbard A rising then falling attack that deals damage both ways. Has been used as a sacrificial KO.
Skyward Slash Dash An upward spinning attack, a relatively good recovery, but it has very little knockdown.
Hero Spin A charged spinning attack. It is often used for edge guarding or to try to sneak a quick KO.
Down Specials Blade Counter A counter-attack that unlike most other moves of that category has very little end lag and launches opponents upwards, giving the perfect opportunity for combos.
Reversal Slash A timed reflector.
Power Thrust A forward Dashing attack that greatly improves Swordfighter's chances at landing a KO.

Mii Swordfighter Combos

The following are some simple combos to get started. These are all true, meaning that, if inputted correctly, they will always land (unless your opponent is sufficiently damaged).

  • Down Throw, UPair
  • Down Throw, Fair
  • Fair, Up Smash
  • Dtilt, F Smash
  • UPair, Hero Spin
  • Dair, Forward Throw
  • Gale Strike, UPair
  • Chakram, F Smash
  • Fair, Dair
  • Fair, Fair
  • UPair, Bair
  • Gale Strike, Skyward Slash Dash
  • Fair, Hero Spin

Mii Brawler Overview

Mii Brawler combines many tools the heavier hand-to-hand characters in Smash possess while keeping him as a middleweight champ. His wall-jump ability also gives them a lot of ways to stay on top of the fight, and much like all other Mii fighters, the versatility of custom moves opens up the door for this fighter to be unpredictable when it is time to throw hands. Of course, all these pros are not without their cons. Being a brawler means giving up a lot of range attacks and, in Mii fighter's case, solid KO opportunities.

On the competitive side of the game, Brawler is considered the best of the three Miis available. Though early on, they were thought to be okay, over the years, they have received quite a handful of buffs that opened the door to pro players to specialize in the character.

Mii Swordfighter Custom Moves

Neutral Specials Shot Put An arching projectile that bounces twice, deals a great amount of damage, useful for edge guarding.
Flashing Mach Punch Brawler does five quick punches, if any connect they will follow up with more punches ending with a vertical knockback attack that can confirm KOs.
Exploding Side Kick A powerful charge-up attack similar to a Falcon Punch, its direction can be reversed and provides Brawler with super armor.
Side Specials Onslaught Advancing knee kick, if it connects it will follow up with punches, like Flashing Mach Punch ending in a vertical knockback as well.
Burning Dropkick A short charge-up attack that moves Brawler horizontally and deals more damage the more it is charged.
Suplex Command grab that catches your opponent and slams them backwards if it connects.
Up Specials Soaring Axe Kick A rising kick that can connect twice, once in the upper movement and again when dropping down. It can't be canceled out of, but it is a good edge guarding tool.
Helicopter Kick Leaps forward and upwards while spin kicking dealing a lot of damage if all hits connect. Can be used to get KOs if it catches opponents in the air.
Thrust Uppercut Similar to his Helicopter kick but with his fist, it also gives his arm intangibility for a few of the active frames.
Down Specials Head-On Assault Sends brawler flying up and then back down headfirst. As you might imagine, it is not very good, but that is primarily because it is easily punishable.
Feint Jump Brawler jumps in an arching motion, after pressing the attack button again they will dive kick either in the opposite or the same direction of the origin point.
Counter Throw A counter-attack, meaning Brawler will be locked into the animation, if attacked from the front they will grab unto the opponent and throw them backward.

Mii Brawler Combos

The following are some simple combos to get started. These are all true, meaning that, if inputted correctly, they will always land (unless your opponent is sufficiently damaged).

  • Down Throw, Fair
  • Down Throw, Helicopter Kick
  • Fair, Forward Throw
  • Down Smash, Up tilt
  • Up tilt, back throw
  • Down Smash, Suplex
  • Down Smash, Flashing Mach Punch
  • Fair, Flashing Mach Punch
  • Bair, forward tilt
  • Bair, Nair

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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