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Scouterz Steps in Where Gaming Fails

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Scouterz Steps in Where Gaming Fails
Providing monetization opportunities to those who can’t get them otherwise

In modern entertainment, fame and fortune often go hand in hand. Whether it's through sports or the silver screen, celebrities have long enjoyed lots of monetization opportunities, lucrative endorsement deals, and exclusive appearances. However, this doesn’t translate to the world of gaming, even though the industry long surpassed many traditional ways of entertainment both in scope and in reach. A noticeable gap exists when it comes to capitalizing on fame. Despite the massive global audience and rapidly growing industry, gaming personalities and esports athletes have fewer avenues for monetization compared to their counterparts in traditional sports and entertainment.

Athletes and entertainers in traditional sports and media have always enjoyed a wide range of revenue streams. For athletes, salaries, endorsement deals, appearance fees, and merchandise sales are major driving forces when negotiating contracts. Famous entertainers rake in profits through movie deals, music sales, brand partnerships, and appearances at events.

On the surface, gaming and esports should offer similar opportunities for monetization. Esports athletes can earn salaries from professional teams, compete for prize money in tournaments, and attract sponsorships from gaming brands. Gaming content creators on platforms like Twitch and YouTube can monetize their channels through ads, subscriptions, and donations from viewers. But, a closer look reveals significant differences in earning potential and opportunities for growth.

Unlike traditional sports leagues and entertainment industries, gaming and esports lack a centralized infrastructure for monetization. Yes, organizations like Twitch and YouTube provide platforms for content creators to earn money, but the process can be complex and heavily reliant on algorithms and viewer engagement. There's also often a lack of transparency regarding revenue sharing and ad rates – this makes it difficult for creators to even plan for the future, because of the volatility of said algorithms.

Sure, gaming and esports have attracted the attention of major brands in recent years, but sponsorship opportunities remain limited compared to traditional sports. Many companies still view gaming as a niche market, with fewer sponsorship deals and even fewer opportunities for athletes and content creators to secure any partnerships. Many games also feature lots of non-family-friendly content like violence and gore, which further limits sponsorship opportunities.

On top of this, unlike the broad appeal of traditional sports and entertainment, gaming and esports cater to a fragmented audience with a wide range of interests and preferences. Content creators must navigate various gaming genres, platforms, and demographics to attract and retain viewers, which is easier said than done. And even then, many grow to resent the niche they find their success in. So can anything be done? This is where Scouterz steps in.

Scouterz WebApp leverages blockchain technology to empower esports athletes and fans, fostering mutual growth and unlocking previously untapped value. At its core is the talent card system, ensuring athletes receive a minimum of 10% of card sales. They can earn Starz tokens and NFT rewards, designed to appreciate over time through a sophisticated bonding curve algorithm. Safeguards prevent dumping and value depreciation, offering pro players a dependable revenue stream to sustain their careers.

Beyond financial benefits, the platform facilitates networking and community building among players and fans alike. Gamers can invite fellow athletes, boosting visibility and forging connections. Fans are encouraged to join this vibrant community, actively participating through the referral system and inviting friends to join.

Gamers get a big boost with the direct support model, and those exclusive NFTs fans buy? They hold serious value and can be traded right within the community. Plus, fans can easily bring in friends through the referral system, scoring sweet rewards along the way.

Scouterz WebApp isn't just about making money for players – it creates a friendly community that supports their favorite athletes, facilitating future growth. And there's more to come –  virtual autographs, special NFT avatars, cool game extras, and plenty more perks for both players and fans.

Scouterz and DashFight could be what this niche needs – a steady and sustainable revenue stream that can facilitate further growth both for individual players and their communities.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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