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Scouterz Platform Can Help Gamers and Fans Grow Together

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Scouterz Platform Can Help Gamers and Fans Grow Together
Monetization opportunities and direct interactions to facilitate future value.

We live in times where gaming has become an integral part of the entertainment industry. It’s as big as movies, music, TV, or anything else. But as popular as it is, where it lags behind is the monetization opportunities for people who engage with it. Streamers have to work long hours for small audiences and riddle their feeds with ads to make ends meet, and pro players who engage in esports oftentimes can’t even leverage that unless they reach continuous success in the tournaments.

And this all happens during an era where technology could be leveraged to help solve this issue. This is exactly what Scouterz is doing.

Scouterz WebApp is a platform that utilizes blockchain technology to help both esports athletes and fans grow together and find value where they previously couldn’t.

The biggest draw for gamers is the talent card system, which guarantees esports athletes at least 10% of the sales of their cards. They can also earn the Starz tokens and NFT rewards that only appreciate in price over time thanks to the clever bonding curve algorithm, while safeguards are set in place to not allow for dumping and value depreciation. Together, these two systems can provide a reliable revenue stream for pro players to support their careers.

In addition to this, there are also ample opportunities for networking and community building, both between fellow players and their fans. Gamers can invite esports athletes, boost each other's visibility, and help connect and build relationships. As for the fans, they can also be a part of a budding community, as it’s more than encouraged to invite friends and fans through the referral system.

This could especially benefit the players in the fighting games community, as our monetization opportunities are even lower than that of the regular games or more mainstream esports titles. Tournament payouts can’t always cover even the cost of travel, let alone the living expenses. So Scouterz WebApp could help in this regard by becoming a source of steady revenue.

But this isn’t all; there are benefits to be had even by viewers and fans. Supporters can directly engage and interact with the players through this platform, and by acquiring talent cards of their favorite players, they can even help them out financially while retaining something tangible in return. The direct support model could be hugely beneficial to the gamers, and the exclusive NFTs that their fans purchase hold value and could be traded within the community itself.

Fans also have access to the referral system, which makes it easier to invite friends or fellow supporters to the platform. There are plenty of referral rewards awaiting those who join.

Scouterz WebApp is in a unique position to offer potential revenue opportunities for the esports athletes while helping build a wholesome, welcoming community that could play its part in the continued success of their favorite players. In the future, Scouterz plans to add even more benefits to the players and the fans alike – specialized virtual autographed merchandise, special NFT avatars, unlockable game content, and much more.

We don’t get many opportunities like this in the FGC, so Scouterz, with the help of DashFight, could be a difference-maker in guiding athletes to achieve their goals.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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