Panda Global reveals new brand and players ahead of 2021

Sebastian Quintanilla
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Panda Global reveals new brand and players ahead of 2021
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The legendary organization changes its style at the tail end of 2020 looking forward to what 2021 brings to esports

Panda Global, now simply named Panda, announced in their showcase a few days ago that they would now sport a brand new style for their brand. Including dropping the "Global" of their name, although their PGstats and the PGR (Panda Global Rankings), will keep their names. "For everything else, it's just Panda", said CEO Alan Bunney in their video announcement. This rebranding will include new jerseys for the players and for fans.

Panda's Speedrunning division?

Along with the new brand, Panda announced two new members to the growing organization. First is Tanner “SmallAnt” Ant. A Canadian speedrunner mostly known for his Nintendo based Speedrunning records. Ryan “simply” Reeves is also a speedrunner who has had great performances in Super Mario 64. Both will be collectively known as the speedrunning team for Panda.


The aforementioned CEO of Panda, Alan “SamuraiPanda” Bunney, is also a doctor. He Announced on the same showcase the creation of PGHealth, a new division of the organization centered around player's wellbeing. This new project will focus on producing equipment so that players may live healthier lives using Alan's experience as a practitioner.

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