Nintendo announced free access to a Tekken-like game about pokemons

Ilya Kravtsov
Jul 24 20201 min
In Pokken Tournament DX, players control pokémon from the universe with a 22-year history

Nintendo has officially announced that it will provide 7-day free access to Pokémon Tournament DX. It starts on July 29th and is valid to August 4th. It will be available for Nintendo Switch Online members.

This Japan game-company also offered a 30% discount on the purchase of Pokken Tournament DX to all players, regardless of whether they are Nintendo Switch Online members. It will also run for a limited time during the trial period.

Pokken Tournament DX - All Bursts + DLC

Switch owners can try Pokken Tournament DX online at the online-store to start playing from the start of the promotion on July 29th. Nintendo released DLC for Pokken Tournament DX in January 2018. The Battle Pack is available for $ 15 and adds Blastoise and Aegislash to the roster.

In Pokken Tournament DX, players control characters from the universe with a 22-year history in one-on-one duels in the style of other popular fighting game franchises such as Tekken and Soulcalibur.

Also, we informed previously, that Capcom official revealed a new Ring of Prosperity stage for the Capcom Pro Tour 2020 DLC package.

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