New Super Smash Bros Character! Kazuya Mishima

Sebastian Quintanilla
1 min
New Super Smash Bros Character! Kazuya Mishima
Images courtesy of Nintendo
Tekken's Kazuya Mishima joins the SSBU roster! With a full showing later this month.

The iconic Tekken character Kazuya joins the roster of Super Smash Bros Ultimate as per the latest Nintendo Direct. The dashing Kazuya Mishima is not the first time the franchise sees a traditional fighting game character roll into the platform fighting stage of Smash. Ryu had already been invited. And from the sneak peek we had on the Direct, Kazuya brought his full power to the game.

When can we see more?!

The full gameplay reveal will be happening on June 28th, as per the presentation today. Of course, Mr. Sakurai will be leading the presentation with an in-depth explanation of how the Tekken playstyle will be transposed to Super Smash Bros' gameplay.

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