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MultiVersus Season 2 Patch Notes

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MultiVersus Season 2 Patch Notes
Source: Player First Games
The developers have made a lot of balance changes

Player First Games has published patch notes for MultiVersus Season 2. In this game update, the developers made many balance changes for 17 characters, added new battle pass, updated the Space Jam map, and created an in-game store along with new cosmetic items. 

Overall patch summary

Season 2 Begins!

Season 2 starts with a new Battle Pass packed with content. We heard your feedback and made sure that there are no tiers without rewards. We also tuned the number of points required to complete each tier so that the Battle Pass feels both engaging and rewarding.


You can now equip up to 3 badges and show them off to the MultiVerse!

The Store is Open!

Check out the new MultiVersus in-game store! All cosmetics and characters are all in one place now! Browse away!

Multi-Path Traffic Acceleration!

We've put in place some network traffic optimizations and Multi-Path Traffic Acceleration. This is just the beginning and we're seeing promising results, but we will continue to improve our online experience for everyone!


  • Scooby's Mansion (No Roof)

Increased blastbox size by 10%.

Ringouts were coming a bit too fast on the map so we increased the size by a bit.

  • Space Jam Map Updates!

We're now keeping score of baskets made!

Scoring a basket now awards points based on the distance thrown. Try for some difficult 3 pointers!

Basket scores will now be broadcasted on the BIG screen!

Attacking a player holding a basketball item will cause that player to drop the item. Try fighting for control of The Court!

The Court's walls can no longer be attacked and will only break on a player wall bounce.

Space Jam is still only available in Custom matches or in the Lab.

Any feedback would be appreciated as we continue to hone in a version of the map for queue!


Intro tutorial has been simplified, removing a number of steps

VO clips have been added to the intro tutorial.

Players are now given the option to go into arcade or their first match after finishing the intro tutorial.

Silly Queue

Jump into Silly Queue to try our BIG new ideas!

Our new game type is Big Head Mode! Characters will have large heads, and even larger cooldown reductions! Use your newfound knowledge to take home the win!

New items added to the game.

  • ‘Bounce Pad’: Place a spring pad that will launch anyone that steps on it upward.
  • ‘Proximity Mine’: A placeable mine that will detonate when enemies get close
  • ‘Drumstick’: Cooked chicken leg that will when thrown will turn hit enemies into Chickens for a short time




  • Signature Perk

Betrayal perk enrages allies/Arya but they will deal 3x weakened on hit down from 5x.

We were finding that weakened influenced the gameplay of Arya and their opponents too greatly at higher level play.


  • Glide

Hurtbox z-axis issue was causing attacks to unintendedly miss Batman, while he glided.

  • Grounded Down Attack

Delayed branching into dodge and jump on hit to prevent endless chaining back into itself.

  • Aerial Down Special

Removed the ability for this move to combo back into itself in order to prevent endless chaining.

  • Signature Perk

Bouncerang Weakened stacks applied reduced to 3 from 5.

The power level this gave for very little effort made this perk feel unfair to opponents of Batman so we reduced it a little.

  • Aerial Side Attack

Able to cancel into wall slide 5 frames earlier.

Black Adam

  • General

Fixed issue where the electric tether hitbox would linger after the visuals faded.

  • Grounded Side Attack

Much smaller hitboxes for all 3 jabs to better match the visuals.

  • Grounded Neutral Attack

Removed hitbox on Black Adam's arms.

  • Grounded/Aerial Up Special

Liftoff triggers 3 frames earlier.

  • Grounded/Aerial Side Special

Increased the acceleration and hitstun of the projectile slightly.

  • Grounded Up Attack

Added armor on startup.


  • Aerial Neutral Attack

Branches into jump earlier.

We wanted to reintroduce some combo paths back to Bugs Bunny, while avoiding his infinite loop. We hope this change does that.


  • Weight

Reduced weight from 55 to 49.

  • Aerial Neutral Attack

Active hit frames start 2 frames later.

  • Armored Buns

Block buff is no longer consumed by light projectile attacks.


  • Bug Fix

Fixed a bug that was causing her arm hurtboxes to stay on during attacks when they were not intended to.


  • Grounded Up Attack

Added ammo to popcorn; 3 ammo returns 1 every 10 seconds

This was added to prevent a strategy that rewarded very passive gameplay in singles.

  • Grounded/Aerial Neutral Attack

Arrow going through popcorn increased damage from 8 to 10, knockback scaling increased from 12 to 13, base knockback increased from 1250 to 1350.

  • Bug Fix

Fixed issues where the arrow would be destroyed when it shouldn't be.


  • Weight

Weight increased to 48 from 44

  • Grounded/Aerial Neutral Special

Bat bomb hitbox now better accounts for z-axis and hits more reliably.

  • Grounded Side Attack

Jump and dodge cancel window for jab 1 and jab 2 now comes later.

  • Grounded Side Attack

Knockback angle on jab 2 pushed up more to prevent a looping infinite combo

  • Grounded Side Attack

Can cancel to other attacks 1 frame earlier on hit.

We’re testing these changes to remove an infinite combo. We understand this removes some combo routes from Harley, but we felt it was unhealthy for the game and opponents facing it. We’ll continue to evaluate Harley’s power level after this change and welcome any-and-all feedback on these changes.


  • Neutral Special

The wall bounce angle has been adjusted to be higher when spitting opponents into vertical walls.

This was changed to prevent a skill-check Knockback-influence (KBI) that could instantly ringout players even at low damage.


  • No-Basketball Down Special (No Basketball)

Defense now properly blocks (and steals!) other LeBron basketballs.


  • Gounded Neutral Attack

Jab 3 hitbox size reduced by 15% to better match and visually align with Hammer Morty's size.


  • Bug Fix

Fixed issue where portaling would kill Rick while in the grace area.

  • Bug Fix

Fixed bug where Rick can use ground down attack while on cooldown.

  • Neutral Attack

Addressed inconsistencies in projectile priority for uncharged laser.


  • Aerial Side Attack

Allowing ground momentum movement even when charging the knee. This should allow movement to carry and not get halted for better feel.

Steven Universe

  • Bug Fix

Fixed issue where Steven or his allies would be hit twice while under the effect of Steven's neutral dodge shield.

  • Grounded Down Special

Watermelon seed hurtbox shrunk to better match visuals.


  • Weight

Weight reduced to 46 from 52.

  • Bug Fix

Implemented fixes to Stripes teleporting with chainsaw.

Tom and Jerry

  • Aerial Up Special

Kicked rocket explosion hitbox now better accounts for z-axis.

  • Aerial Up Special

Kicked rocket without Jerry attached is now properly classified as a projectile.


  • Bug Fix

Fixed several issues where Velma's speech bubbles would be destroyed when they shouldn't be.

  • Aerial/Grounded Neutral Special

Megaphone is now classified as a projectile. Early hits are Light projectile hits, Final hit counts as a Normal projectile hit.

Megaphone now applies projectile perks.

Megaphone is more reliably blocked by other projectiles and projectile-blocking effects.

Megaphone will ignore invulnerable fighters including those with a projectile sidestep buff.

  • Aeriel Up Attack

Has 2 less active frames at the start of the hit frame.

  • Grounded Side Special

Added 12 seconds of cooldown.

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