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Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate results - Evo 2022

Alex Samonov
4 min

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Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate results - Evo 2022
A short recap of some world-class MK11 Evo action.

For the past year or so, Mortal Kombat 11 has been clearly overshadowed by other top-tier and freshly released fighting games. It's understandable since the game hasn't received any updates nor news regarding the franchise's future after all the support for MK11 has officially stopped.  However, in terms of competitive stage, this game remains one of the most entertaining ones, with a really devoted vast community all over the world, and dozens of professional players both young and experienced, and being crowned an Evo champion is still the most prestige and desired reward anyone wants to achieve. So there's no surprise MK11 was featured at Evo 2022 as one of the main stage games, and down below we will briefly recap everything that happened during the final stage of the tournament. 

Top 24

The pre-final stage delivered some juicy matchups both on the winners and losers sides of the bracket. The Chilean prodigies, Scorpionprocs and Nicolas, secured their spots in the Top 8 early, sending A F0xy Grampa and Han Rashid to the Losers side. SonicFox and Rewind, the main North American hopes on this tournament, also advanced further over KillerXinok and Konqueror249 respectively. 

In the lower part of the bracket, A F0xy Grampa enabled tournament mode and advanced to top 8, sending ELCucuyFGC_ home. KillerXinok took down Wuuuzie to become the only Brazilian representative in the final stage, as Konqueror249 unfortunately has been knocked out by KingGambler. Han Rashid was victorious in his set against WiZEGEMiNi and also made it through to the top 8.

Top 8

The final stage started with SonicFox being sent to the losers side of the bracket by Nicolas in a close 3-2 set. In the mean time, his brother Scorpionprocs was dealing with Rewind to secure the top 3 placement and was about to face Nicolas in the finals. In the lower part of the bracket, Han Rashid took down KillerXinok in a dramatic set, only to be destroyed by Rewind's Kano in losers quarters. A F0xy Grampa, after defeating King Gambler with a trademark Nightwolf display, caused probably one of the biggest upsets of the night by ending SonicFox's impressive top 2 placements streak in one of the most, how to put this, cautious sets imaginable. 

Scorpionprocs secured the grand final spot for himself by defeating Nicolas in the winners finals, and it all started to look like everyone expected - Chilean brothers are so strong no one can put them down, and all kinds of intrigue left this tournament for good. However, Rewind had different plans. He took down A F0xy Grampa to face Nicolas in Losers Finals, where he also has been victorious with Kotal Kahn over Kabal in a tight set.

Grand Final

This set made everyone question the invincibility of the Chilean unstoppable prodigies. Rewind had already taken down one of them and was about to do the same with the other. He clearly had the morale buff with the whole crowd chanting his name in the background. Matchup was the same - Kotal Kahn versus Kabal. First game went the Rewind way as the American took a swift lead. However, the next game was the complete opposite. Overall, the advantage was swinging from one player to another during the whole set. It was truly a very high-level, world class Mortal Kombat show from two great professionals, so it's logical everything ended with a last game last round moment. Scorpionprocs chipped the last digit of Rewind's health bar as well as his hopes for the second Evo gold medal. An extremely talented young Chilean player, Scorpionprocs, is your Mortal Kombat 11 Evo 2022 champion!

That's it for Mortal Kobat 11! But stay with DashFight for more Evo 2022 news and results, as we're covering the main event of the year here on our website, on Twitter, and on our YouTube. Have a good one!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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