MK11 Guide: How to Play Against Geras Featuring Grr

Sebastian Quintanilla
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Guide by Grr
Learn the ins and outs of Geras to better prepared against this time-melding character

Geras, the master of time, is an immensely powerful Mortal Kombat 11 character. Whether online or offline, facing a goog Geras player is a tremendous challenge. Thankfully, Geras best representative Grr is taking the reigns and will teach you the ins and outs of how to play against his main.

How to Play Against GERAS by [ Grr ] | MK11 | DashFight

Mortal Kombat 11 | How to Play Against Geras Guide by Grr


Geras likes to use distance to his advantage, keep at a mid-distance to him, and be on the lookout for reversals and sand traps that will eat away at your health. Sand trap particularly can be a difficult move to counter, you have to block low and while moving forward that can be a challenge.

Pounding sands is a tricky move to react against since it's a poke and comes out quick. The advantage for you is that it a slow and generally just used for fighting at a distance. 


These are the variations you are likely to face against Geras players:

  • Quick Sands, Shifting Sands, and Sand simulacrum
  • Quick SandsShifting Sands, and Bed of Spikes

Problem Moves

  • 1, 1, 1, Grab
    • If you are hit by the third punch you will end up getting hit by a Krushing Blow. So most Geras will try to mix it up with a sandpit so you can't do it just on memory. The fun part is that it's not a true mix-up, you can block both versions starting with the low and then the overhead.

Geras’ Weaknesses in MK11

Geras' key setback is his short-range normals. If you can keep him at a distance so that those normals cannot get you in a reversal you will have a much easier time controlling the space. On top of staying relatively safe, you will also greatly reduce the options Geras' players have to damage you. Overall, pushback and good frames will be your friend to keep Geras at bay.

Tips Against Geras

Be on the lookout for quicksands, especially if you are using a projectile heavy character since it has a Krushing Blow on the first one that hits after two misses. This makes it a time bomb that you should be well aware of. A way to reset that Krushing Blow is to block the would-be KB hit.

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