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How to Play Against Cetrion Guide With Tekken Master

How to Play Against Cetrion Guide With Tekken Master

Femi Famutimi
6 min
Guide by Tekken Master

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Learn how to play against the character who many consider the most fearsome in MK11

Cetrion, for some people, is the stuff of nightmares. The Earth goddess is one of the main characters in Mortal Kombat and is the daughter of Kronika. She is also a sibling to Shinnok and is extremely powerful. This is her debut in the Mortal Kombat universe and what a debut it has been. First considered one of the weaker characters, it was soon discovered that she is easily one of the best characters in a game and even with subsequent patches and nerfs, she hasn't been significantly downgraded in any way. 

Therefore, it is easy to imagine that loads of people have a hard time defeating her. But, do not fear, DashFight is here, and we have none other than Tekken Master to take us through the best strategies to defeat Cetrion

Considered one of the best players in the world, Tekken Master is a veteran of the MK scene whose ability to use the entire cast make him very difficult to fight against. Winner of several tournaments including WePlay's Dragon Temple, Tekken Master is well versed in fighting against different characters and has some keen insight on each and every single one. Notorious for not giving much away, this is a rare privilege and should help open your eyes to the ways to defeat Cetrion

How to Fight Cetrion by Tekken Master


While there are several Cetrion users all over the world, they tend to use similar variations. For the most part, players will go for a kustom variation that contain these moves

  • Earthquake
  • Deadly Winds
  • H2 P0rt

Earthquake is Cetrion's ground pound and it is great zoning tool that's able to keep players away. Also, she has her wind move which hits like a tornado. This is another move that has pushback and she is able to gain a decent advantage with it. Finally, she has her teleport. This is really annoying to deal with as it is difficult to punish especially online. Furthemore, she can use it whenever she pleases including in the air which makes it very cumbersome to handle. 


Low Damage

Cetrion doesn't have many weaknesses of note, but one of her biggest ones is her low damage. Cetrion, while strong and hard to get in on, doesn't hit as hard as the others on the roster. Her best combo probably does about 20% damage. She makes up for this with krushing blows which hit like a truck. Normally, a Cetrion player will be economical with their bar as this is a way for them to deal some nice damage. What this all means is that Cetrion needs to hit a lot before she can win games. This can be capitalized on by a wily opponent who knows about this. Therefore, you can go for a high damage character who can counteract Cetrion's low damage. 

Slow Pokes

Cetrion's other major weakness is her lack of a fast poking button. So, Cetrion has a low kick that low-profiles a lot of moves and reaches quite a distance. But, her pokes aren't fast and can be punished. Her fastest poke is 8f which is not ideal especially against much faster characters. This is something you can take advantage of and destroy her as quickly as possible.

Why You Struggle Against Cetrion

Zoning Ability

One of the biggest reason people struggle against Cetrion is due to her amazing zoning game. With a plethora of projectiles, she is able to keep opponents at bay. Not only that, all her moves offer some sort of pushback which just makes it a lot harder to get in. 


We've talked about this before, but her teleport is one of the best moves in the game. She can teleport either far away from the opponent, or closeby. The teleport has very fast recovery making it difficult to punish and with it she is able to move across in little to no time and it makes her a slippery character. She uses it to zone and the fact that she can teleport in the air, something that several others in the cast including Raiden, Kollector, or Skarlet, makes her an appealiing character for someone who is happy to play the lame game. 


Yes, we mentioned this as a weakness, but what is lacking in in Cetrion's pokes is speed, not usability.  Cetrion's poke low-profiles several moves and can even low-profile some pokes. This makes it a nightmare to deal with and is something most people find unbearable about the character. 

What to Avoid Against Cetrion

Don't use a Low Damage Character

As mentioned earlier, one of Cetrion's biggest weaknesses is her damage which is low ensuring that she has to hit you a lot to win. Hence, when fighting against her, using a similarly low-damage character is a really bad idea. You can go for Kabal or Jacqui as they can do a great job against her. 

Play Lame

The general plan against a zoner is to find a way to get in and deal damage. With Cetrion it is similar, but you must also be willing to be incredibly patient. You'll also need a character with a projectile or something that counters her zoning tools. You can beat her at her own game by patiently picking your moments, landing sizable damage, and reverting to a lame playstyle. 

Worst Matchup

You can argue about the suitability of Jacqui or Kabal against Cetrion, but if there is one character that Cetrion hates going up against, it's Jade. Jade has her 'Dodging Shadows' move which makes her invulnerable to projectiles. This is like garlic to Cetrion as it makes it hard for her to zone Jade out. Unfortunately, Jade is also a low damage character, but she does have tools with which to defeat Cetrion. Not only is her move projectile invulnerable, it has a fast startup and lasts for an absolute age. Jade is certainly the most difficult character for Cetrion to deal with.


We hope you have learned from this. You can check out how to fight against Jax in our archives along with so many other guides for your favorite characters in your favorite games. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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