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HoneyBee Shares His MK1 Reptile Guide

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HoneyBee Shares His MK1 Reptile Guide
A shape-shifting character with some poisonous projectiles

Mortal Kombat 1 has been released in Early Access, so even before the game is available for most players, esports professionals break down various mechanics and make wonderful discoveries. We’ve published a post about an impressive video by Mustard and Ketchup with combos for every MK1 character. And now, it would be very interesting to delve into only one of those fighters — Reptile (or should we still call him Syzoth?), in a video by HoneyBee.

Reptile is a humanoid/reptilian from Zaterra. His ability to quickly switch between forms of a human or a … yeah, a reptile is a strong part of the fighting abilities. What can the guy/creature bring to the Mortal Kombat 1 matches? (Reptile wasn’t playable in MK11, perhaps he took some time to train and become a better fighter.) Normals for this character have a good range, and his Force Ball helps with combo creativity. Spitting acid is an effective zoning tool.

HoneyBee is a pro player and content creator who focuses on the NRS games. His YouTube channel is filled with MK1 videos, and this guide on how to play Reptile is one of the first to step beyond the story mode experience in that collection.

In the video, HoneyBee explains various options players have with Reptile and shows some cool combos with this MK1 character and a few Kameo Fighters. Well, let’s just watch and learn from the professional! 

How to Play Reptile in MK1 by HoneyBee

More MK1 guides will surely be appearing on the Internet in the following weeks, and we at DashFight will bring you guys the best info that could help you learn the game. Stay tuned!

And also, we can see how the Mortal Kombat esports community returns to a more active phase. Have you checked out the schedule of some early access MK1 tournaments?

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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