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GBVS Director Responds to Input System Controversy

Femi Famutimi
2 min

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GBVS Director Responds to Input System Controversy
It hasn't gone down too well with the community

Following the outrage at GBVS' decision to simplify button inputs, the director of the game has spoken out about the matter explaining the reasoning behind going with this direction.

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising is set to release on consoles later this year and there was great excitement following the announcement. However, things soured a bit when it was revealed that the game will have simplified inputs like Street Fighter 6, but, unlike the Capcom game where using the simplified inputs comes with some drawbacks including reduced damage, GBVS will feature no such disadvantage. Therefore, while players can still use classic inputs, there is no inherent advantage to this.

Fans were understandably upset at this stating that while it is good to make these games more accessible, this moves looks like it would alienate the loyal fanbase. 

In a post on their Twitter account, Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising spoke on the issue through director, Fukuhara, who explained that the decision is one that they took their time to really think about and ultimately it was decided that letting people more easily access the game would ultimately be for the good of everyone. He explained that this does not mean that the game will not be competitive as there will be more mechanics that will require nous to operate. He continued that with an expanding roster, there will be more strategies used to win and it will be a rewarding experience for both newbies and veterans alike.

However, fans are still not onboard with the decision and there were several posts and tweets reiterating that the game has been ruined. 

Obviously with the game not out yet, it is impossible to draw conclusions, yet, reputation matters and if people convince themselves that a game is bad, even when it does really well, detractors will persist. 

It remains to be seen how GBVS responds to this, or if things will just go ahead as planned. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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